Winter Boots can be Practical and Fashionable

Fashionable Winter Boots

Find the Perfect Footwear For Winter

There are a lot of things to think about when you are shopping for winter boots. Consider your climate. Boots designed for Canada's high Arctic won't be practical in Washington State.

Will you be wearing them for work, fancy dress or outdoor activities? Depending on your lifestyle you may need several pair in your arsenal. Consider fit, fashion and price in your decision, but most of all make sure the boots will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Don't forget about safety. If you are going to be in icy conditions make sure your boots have solid grip soles or invest in an inexpensive pair of ice and snow traction grips. They slip on over your boots. Small metal cleats punch into the snow and ice, keeping you stable and on your feet.

Winter boots can be fun and fashionable. Think about what you be wearing them with. Boots with heels make you look taller and slimmer. Pair them with dresses, skirts, longer pants or jeans or tights with a tunic cut shirt.

Flat boot with a faux fur exterior are definitely in fashion right now. They look great with a short flowing dress or tuck your pants into them and add a heavy sweater. The thickness of the boots balances the thickness of the sweater.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, choose a pair of solid, well-made boots. You may want to choose a size that is a half size bigger than usual to allow for extra layers of socks.

Footwear that Fits Your Winter Forecast

People in parts of Alaska and around the circumpolar world deal with temperatures that can drop down to minus 50. In extreme cold the body works to keep it's core warm and the head, hands and feet are particularly susceptible to frostbite.

Choose a pair of solid boots that go up to at least your mid-calf. Look for boots with felt liners. The liners provide extra warmth and insulation.  They can be removed for cleaning or replaced when they are showing signs of wear.

Consider footwear like mukluks made by Native Americans or kamiks created by Inuit. These boots are beautifully hand crafted and each is unique. There is a reason they have been around for centuries.  They work!  Most are made of caribou skin which provides solid insulation. The skin is porous which stops moisture from building up inside. Most kamiks contain or are trimmed with waterproof seal skin.

If you are wearing extreme cold winter boots to work, keep an extra pair of shoes handy.  The boots are too warm to be worn comfortably in a hot office.

If you live in the northern U.S. or southern Canada keeping your feet dry is as big of a challenge as keeping them warm. Even the biggest dump of snow may change to inches of slush and water within days.

Look for a pair of boots that reach above the ankle or higher. Experiment with different textures and colors.  Nothing says high fashion like a pop of bright color on your feet.  Leather and suede have long been fall and winter favorites but these days there are many more options.

Even if the manufacturer claims the boots are waterproof treat them with a water resistance spray made for type of material your boots are made of.  Not only will you add an extra layer of protection against moisture, you will also protect your boots against the damaging effects of salt which is routinely used on roads and sidewalks.

Enjoy shopping for your boots. Explore your options. Walk around the store a few times to make sure they fit comfortably.

Nothing takes the chill out of winter like a good pair of boots.