Shot Gun Beer Technique

Shotgun Beer
If you are in college there are two drinking techniques all men will have to master before they graduate. One is using a beer bong, the other is learning how to shotgun a beer.

What goes into shot gunning a beer? Well, you are putting a hole in the can near the bottom, opening the can and sucking the entire beer back in a matter of seconds. Let me step you through the process.

Things you will need:

Bottle Opener/ Knife
Can of Beer


First hold the beer on a 45 degree angle. We are going to be stabbing a hole in near the bottom of the side of the can. Buy putting it on an angle you are moving the small pocket of air in the beer to where you are going to be stabbing. This will prevent beer spillage.

Next, we are going to actually stab the can. Be really careful doing this, you are going to want to stab it on the side of the can near the bottom where the air pocket should be (since we have it angled at 45 degrees). You can use a bottle opener or a knife to do this.

Next, quickly use you mouth to cover the hole, open the can of beer and suck out all the beer as fast as you can.

Congrats, you've just shot gunned your first beer! Remember to drink responsibly!