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Would you like to know how to shrink wrap gifts at home? Along with a decorative bow, shrink wrap can make a home made gift basket, candy bouquet, or gift box look professionally put together. Yet a gift basket you assemble yourself is much more personal when it's tailored to the recipient's interests. You can fill your gift basket with whatever you can imagine!  So if you'd like to know how to shrink wrap at home, read on.


Things you'll need:

  • Shrink wrap (available at craft stores)
  • Hair drier 
  • Gift basket, bowl, mug, box, or other container of items
  • Bow


Step 1
Arrange your gift items in the basket or other container. Make sure to arrange them attractively before starting the shrink wrap process. You might want to add tissue paper or "Easter grass" as decorative filler for the bottom of your basket.  Use glue dots, available at craft stores, to hold items securely in place.

Step 2
 Determine the size of the piece of shrink wrap that you need to cut. The way I like to do this is to place the item in the center of the shrink wrap. Then bring the sides up so they meet above the item in the middle. If they meet, you have enough. If the sides are too short, recenter the item, allowing for more "give." Cut the shrink wrap in a straight line, the way you would cut wrapping paper.

Step 3

 Open up the sheet of shrink wrap that you've cut. The shrink wrap I use is 2 ply. Slide the item between
the 2 sheets, and check to make sure that it's centered once again.

Step 4
 Gather the edges together the way you would for a bag of bread. Secure this with a rubber band or twist tie.  Then add ribbon for a decorative touch.

Step 5

 Blow dry the shrink wrap with a hair drier. Hold the drier about 18 inches away from the shrink wrap to start. Move the drier in an up and down motion, and slowly turn the item for even shrinkage. Continue this process until the plastic is as tight as you want. Be careful not to blow at the top part of the plastic that's above the bow. This should remain crisp for a decorative look. And that's all you need to know to learn how to shrink wrap a gift at home. Good luck!