Carhartt makes high quality work clothing that is often called rugged and durable. In addition to work shirts, pants, and work boots, Carhartt also makes coats and jackets. While usually when buying a new coat or jacket you ensure the perfect fit by trying it on first, you might get a Carhartt coat fromsomeone or have it sent from an online retailer.This means the jacket might fit a little too loose as Carhartt jacket sizing can run big in some sizes. This is due to the fact that the company recommends the jackets get ordered a size up from your normal size to compensate for wearing layers underneath in cold weather.


So do Carhartt jackets shrink? You can attempt to shrink these Carhartt coats to get a better fit. The first step is to wash the coat. You’ll need to carefully read the jacket label to ensure you are following the washing instructions on your durable new coat. Wash the coat in a gently cycle in warm water alone.A heavy duty Carhartt JacketCredit: Carhartt Industries


When done washing put the coat in the dryer and set it to a warm temperature for a long cycle. To avoid damaging the material you shouldn’t use high hot heat when drying. Also  if you ordered a coat that has flame resistant coating or layers then you can not shrink the coat in hot or warm dryers as this could damage the coating. Flame resistant coated jackets can unfortunately only be put in the dryer on tumble low heat. 


Pay attention to the amount of time the jacket is in the dryer. Every 15 to 20 minutes pull out the jacket and try it on for size. This helps gauge how much it has shrunk. Don’t let it run a full cycle as you might shrink the jacket. Repeat as needed until the jacket has the appropriate fit for your needs. If it is still wet allow it to air dry by hanging it up.


This method works on a variety of men’s Carhartt coats and women’s Carhartt coats. It may also work on other products made by the company such as overalls and heavy winter coats as well as shirts.

A heavy duty work Carhartt JacketCredit: Carhartt Industries

If you are trying to soften your new Carhartt jacket but not trying to shrink it try this instead: How to Soften a Carhartt Jacket and get rid of that uncomfortable stiff and rigid feel.