Exchange traded funds or ETFs are popular financial investments as they provide the flexibility of trading throughout the day like you would with an individual stock but spread the risk over a basket of stocks. If you are just starting to look at ETFs as an investment vehicle, it would be useful for you to sign up for a ETF newsletter that provides ratings and comparisons of different ETFs. Use the following steps to sign up for an ETF newsletter of your choice.

Things You Will Need

1. Access to a computer

2. An email account

Step 1

Sign Up for a Free ETF Newsletter After Doing Your Research

There are a number of free ETF newsletters that you can sign up for that will provide information on ETF trading. Go to the listing in the "Resources" section toward the bottom of the page to access some free newsletter options. Keep in mind that each ETF newsletter may have a different bias or could be marketing specific products so use your judgement when signing up and reading these newsletters.

Step 2

Sign Up for a Free Trial to an ETF Newsletter

Services like MorningStar that provide mutual fund ratings also rate exchange traded funds. You can sign up for one free copy of their ETF newsletter and then choose to get a paid subscription by going to, clicking on the ETFs tab, and then scrolling down to the middle of the page to sign up for an initial free copy of the newsletter. XTF provides a 15 day free trial for its premium newsletter prior to signing up for a $299 paid subscription. To sign up for this, go to and click on "free membership trial" in the top left corner. Forbes provides a 30 day free trial for its $29.99/month newsletter. To access this, go to and look for the "Forbes ETF Advisor". Click on this link to sign up.

Step 3

Sign up for a Paid Subscription to an ETF Newsletter

After signing up for free trials, determine if a paid subscription to an ETF newsletter is useful for you. Since subscription fees can be fairly high, keep in mind your return on investment. If you are actively investing larger amounts this may be an option for you.

Tips & Warnings

Its easy to get overwhelmed with information when researching and investing in exchange traded funds. If you are just starting out, don't sign up for too many ETF newsletters. Sign up for a couple that look interesting to you and build up your knowledge base over time.

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