Have you ever created a Gmail account? Or have you ever heard of this free Web mail service? Gmail is one of the free Web mail services today. It is a search-based Webmail service that combines the best features of traditional e-mail with Google's search technology. Gmail has a unique features compared with other Web mail services. Gmail has a unique chat room or chat/text messenger (one of which is Google Talk). Wish to create a Gmail account? If you are new on the Web and confused about how to do it, the following steps might be helpful to you.

Things You Will Need

Computer and Internet connection

Step 1

Open a new Internet browser page and type "gmail.com" in the address bar. Then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 2

Then a new Google page will pop up where you will see a button called "create an account." Simply click this button. Then get ready for the next page. There, you will be asked to enter some information about yourself. This is called an information sheet or registration sheet; simply answer the following questions: personal information such as your first name, last name, desired log-in name, password and more.

Step 3

When you are finished entering that information, scroll down until you can see the "I accept. Create my account" button and simply click it.

Step 4

Then a new page will pop up, and this time you are going to verify your account. To verify, you need to enter your mobile phone number. You have verification options-it's either text message or voice call. Just select your country, enter your mobile number and hit the "send the verification code to my mobile phone" button.

Step 5

In a few seconds or perhaps a minute, the verification code will be sent to your phone or Google will make an automated voice call to your phone with a verification code. It depends what option you chose.

Step 6

Then use that code to verify your account by just entering it into your registration sheet. That is the last thing you need to do in order to complete the registration process.

Step 7

And when the registration is done, your account is ready to use. You can start using your new Gmail account or you can make any changes on your profile or account information. Array

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