It seems like a pretty obvious thing, knowing how to sit, but this is a question that concerns many contestants when they start entering rodeo queen contests.


The questions about sitting are often, “How do I go into an interview and sit properly in front of the panel of juRodeo Queens SittingCredit: missphsraqueen.blogspot.comdges?”  “How do I sit during the speech portion of the contest?”  “How do I sit while attending a rodeo?”  You might think that it would be pretty obvious how a rodeo queen should sit, but a good rodeo queen knows that the judges will be watching them constantly and will expect them to be sitting properly during all events.

If you are a contestant walking into the personal interview you will be walking in and taking a seat in front of a panel of qualified judges.  They will be watching every move you make as you come in.  This one thing can have a big impact on your impression on the judges because it is a pretty elementary part of the contest but must be handled in a correct manner to impress the judges right off the bat!

As you walk in go a little slowly.  This will allow you to take the time to take a glance at the chair you will be expected to sit in.  Note quickly everything you can about it so that you know how it is positioned and what size it is.  Things you should look for is whether it is a folding chair because if it is you need to realize that could easily slide on the floor with too much pressure but if it’s a smooth surface you can sit easily.  Does the chair have arms?  That’s consideration because you have to position yourself directly in front of it to take a seat.  Is the seat padded?  If the seat of the chair is padded it will make it harder to slide back on.  Hurry and quickly get a sense of these things in the few seconds that you have as you walk into the room.

To position yourself correctly, you will need to walk to the side of the chair near the back and just take a moment and stand there.  While you are standing there, you may rest your hand on the back of the chair, as this will make you look more relaxed and comfortable with the interview.  Stand there and wait until you are invited by the judges to sit down.  It they don’t invite you to take a seat right away you may ask if you can be seated after the first introductions are finished.  At that time you then walk to the front of the chair and with the back of your leg, slightly touch the seat.  This will help you know exactly where the chair is positioned.  As you start to sit down, bend your knees just in front of the chair, keep your back straight and then just lower your body down to the seat in one fluid movement.  Be careful not to "bend over" while you are starting to sit down.  Practice sitting in the actual outfit you will be wearing to see how it feels.  Some outfits fit nicely when standing, but when you go to sit down they might be a little more difficult. 

When the interview is finished and you have been excused you will also need to stand correctly.  To do this, as you start to stand up make sure you never push off with your hands.  Stand up using your legs in one fluid movement.  Practice by not using a chair.  Pretend to lower and raise yourself as though you are actually using a chair but doing it “in the air.”  This will prevent you from using your hands when you get nervous.

You will be sitting quite often during a rodeo queen contest.  This will usually begin with the interview, onto the speeches, a banquet or two, and at other events.  Make sure that while you are sitting at anytime during the contest you do it correctly because the judges will be watching and looking all of the time.  Always make sure you are using good posture.  To do this you will need to sit straight, but look relaxed, with no slumping shoulders or rolled back!  Cross your legs at the ankles and place your hands one on top of the other in your lap.  This will make you look relaxed but proper.  Just don't get too comfortable.  Sit back on a good portion of the chair, don't just "perch" on the edge – believe me, you will regret it after a few minutes!  It gets very uncomfortable during the interview if you are perched out on the edge as you can start losing your balance and you can’t start sliding backwards and wiggling around without looking awkward.  So, sit down more towards the back of the seat of the chair.  Make sure you always sit comfortably during all events.  You should never look like a statue sitting there, but more like a poised and relaxed young woman.  Never lounge backwards in your chair.

During the interview, when you are answering questions, lean forward slightly.  This little tip will give you the appearance that you are interested in what is happening and that you have something interesting to tell the judges as you answer the questions.  Leaning forward slightly when you are excited about answering a particular question makes you look like you are really engaged in the conversation and have relaxed enough to show personality.  Never be afraid to use your hands a little during the interview, but be careful not to get carried away!  They should generally sit relaxed in your lap so they are distracting to the judges.  While you are sitting, don’t clutch onto the arms of the chair. 

Remember that while you are seated at anytime during the contest that the judges will be checking on you!  It’s amazing how they can be judging another contestant but will glance over at the group of contestants to get a reading on the girls and how they handle themselves throughout the different categories and events of the contest.  Sit there with good posture, relax and smile, and look like you are having the best time of your life!