Fast-pitch softball bats are bats designed for hitting faster thrown softball pitches often found in games played by teens and adults. Fast-pitch bats tend to be lighter than slow-pitch bats to allow for quicker swings.

Determine which bats you are considering for purchase are considered "Fast pitch softball bats." These bats have a length range between 32' to 34' inches with a weight between 23 to 28 ounces. The diameter is 2 1/4 inches.

Measure your height. Stand up straight against a wall and have a friend measure from the bottom of your foot to the tip of your head.

Weigh yourself on a bathroom scale or a more precise scale if you have easy access to one. You don't need to be exact.

Determine the length of the bat based on your height. The taller you are the closer in length to the 34' inch length your bat should be. Try a few practice swings to ensure the bat feels right.

Determine the weight of the bat based on your own weight. You can find a simple weight chart in the Resources section of this article to match your weight to the ideal bat weight. You'll want to swing the bat in person to ensure the weight feels right. Too heavy and you'll lose speed, too light and you're timing on pitches may be off.

Always try out bats in person before buying.