Can't sleep well at night? Does it take you at least one hour to get into your comfort zone? Is your mind racing with all kinds of thoughts running through your head? The following tips will ease the time and effort you put into your sleep.

Things You Will Need

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Step 1

Build a predictable, regular sleep pattern. If you go to bed at 11pm one night, followed by 3am the next night, chances are your body will eventually have a harder time figuring out when it's time to sleep.

Step 2

If possible, avoid taking naps during the day. If you only do this out of habit, either get rid of it or minimize the amount of time you actually sleep during the day, helping you save up those desires to sleep for when you really need it.

Step 3

Try to be active during the day, as your body will be more likely to appreciate and enjoy a rewarding rest when night falls. Staying seated throughout the day can lead to that overly long nap you should avoid.

Step 4

Different habits helps different people sleep easier. Go ahead and find yours; whether you'd enjoy listening to a nice, slow jam while you close your eyes, inserting some ear plugs to avoid any kind of noise, or even by leaving your TV on as you watch something until your eyes shut down automatically. Once you find that comfort zone, the rest comes naturally.

Step 5

Don't settle for less! Make sure your room is at a nice temperature, as sleeping a bit too warm can be difficult. Get some nice blankets and pillow, making your overall experience more rewarding.

Step 6

Avoid going to bed hungry, but do not have a heavy meal before hitting the hay. You do not want to focus on either an empty stomach, or a bloated one, when you could put all of your attention into a relaxing state of mind.

Step 7

And, speaking of state of mind, try to ignore and dispatch all thoughts in your head. The only thing you should be aware of is the sound of your own breath. Whenever you realize your mind is starting to race again, stop every thought and resume your relaxation, which, at this point, should be your only goal.

Tips & Warnings