Isnt it intriguing how some people literally jump out of bed in the morning enthuised whether its wednesday or Sunday. The people you see singing in traffic, composed yet compassionate at a funeral, the ones that have the ability to laugh at themselves and still have the ability to be witty in their 70s. If you had to look at yourself throughout the day, who do u see? Look.Look at the person sitting in traffic or with parents at a dinner, what about the way that person treats others. This right now is not about right or wrong but its about observation. Are we living the kind of life that we can look at and say " I do my best". Because that seems to be the bottomline. If we can make peace with our lives we can sleep better, we can love more, we can open our eyes to each day and its lessons, and be thankful rather than unnercersarily wantful. Then comes those thoughts, the ones like " Do you know what kind of day i have at work just to make ends meet" or "have you met my god forsaken other half?" and yes these doubts will come, they will keep us stuck instead of grounded. They will keep us complacent instead of content. The point is, and believe this because though life can at times be overwhelming and it can slam you to the floor,we do, we own our own liberation. Liberation from thoughts "I cant do it" or " Im not strong enough". Awake instead to the thought "Ill try" and in trying, you find peace. You find peace because it may be helpful to question what is success or failure to you? Does a trophy or promotion decide Success? Success is the contentment found just in that you tried your best, to YOUR ability,no cutting corners... and maybe thats just enough.Enough to be at peace with yourself at night,in the darkness when its just you and your thoughts. No one can give you that, that peace. Only You can award it to yourself. That peace gives you sleep,that makes you smile ,it energises you, you age gracefully as nature intended and culivate gratitude. See yourself now as the person who in the blitz of life pauses, to readjust her/his vision and try to see a lesson instead of suffering or frustration. That is what scuplts ones charatcer, that is what allows us to be strong and make good of life standing before us. may our efforts be soaked with good intention and may our mistakes be stepping stones in the right direction.So, lets Move forward, as best as we can. Lets take a look at ourselves every now and again..we may just like what we see.