Sound SleepMany people have trouble staying asleep all night. Even if you take something to get to sleep, it may be a struggle for you to stay asleep the whole night through. Lack of sleep has so many negative effects on your life, so getting a great night of sleep is absolutely essential to maintain your health. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself sleep more soundly all the way through the night.

What you will need:

* A fan or some form of white noise

* Complete darkness

* The right pillow

What you need to do:

1. Use some form of white noise like a small fan or a sound machine. I use a fan in my room and my kids have them in their rooms too. You would be surprised how much it helps to keep you asleep at night. Before, every little sound in the house woke me up, but the white noise has a calming effect that masks small sounds. Now none of us can sleep without one.

2. Make your room really dark. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but even little lights can affect you. Turn your clock at an angle away from your eyes if it has a bright red screen. Green lights on many DVD players or video game consoles can be really bright. Also, turn your cell phone over if you are charging it next to the bed. The light from the screen can really be a distraction.

4. Let go of worries and stress by keeping some paper and a pen by the bed. If something is bothering you and your brain won't shut down, write it on the piece of paper and deal with it the next day. It really does help, so try it.

5. Keep the temperature in your room cooler than you normally like it. If you are too hot at night, you will tend to toss and turn. Make it cool in your room and snuggle down in your blankets for better sleep.