Alps From a PlaneCredit: Victoria DeLone

Traveling to faraway places and having adventures overseas are amazing experiences. Unfortunately, getting to your faraway destination usually is not. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, getting a good night’s sleep on your flight will make a big difference during your trip. It will help you curb jet lag so that once you get off the plane, you’ll be ready to tackle your next adventure. Being well-rested will leave you feeling fresh and it will keep your spirits up. Not to mention that sleeping on a plane may be the most important part of avoiding jet lag.  These steps are sure to help. 

Layer Up 

Airplanes are usually freezing cold. Unless they're uncomfortably warm. It’s very difficult to sleep when you aren't the right temperature. So what does this mean when it comes to wardrobe? Wear layers. Layering up will allow you to shed some of your clothing as you run around from one terminal to another. Then once you are on your plane, they will keep you warm during a drafty flight.  

  • Wear loose, comfy pants. Even though it may be summer, being a little warm in the terminal is not as bad as freezing during a 20 hour flight. If you do get too warm, you can roll up your pant legs a little bit.  
  • Wear lots of layers on your top half. A t-shirt under a long-sleeve shirt under a sweatshirt or a jacket sounds like a lot of clothes. But if you are going somewhere warm, you will want to be able to peel off your outer layers. Scarves are a must-have as well. 

Get Sleepy

When you get situated on the plane, take some medicine that makes you a little drowsy. Of course, consult your physician before taking ANY medication, but benadryl or dramamine will help you fall asleep more quickly. 

How to Sleep on an AirplaneCredit: Victoria DeLone

Bring Some Snacks 

It’s hard to sleep when you’re hungry and sometimes they serve dinner at very strange times. (Like when you should be asleep). Pack some of your favorites in your carryon luggage. You aren’t allowed to take drinks through security, but you are allowed to take as much food as you want. If you get hungry, just reach into your bag and you’ll have some of your favorite snacks ready to go. 

Watch a Movie (If You Must)

If you have to watch a movie on your flight, watch only one. Flights sometimes have tons of new releases so it’s very tempting to watch them back to back. That’s not a good idea if you want to avoid jet lag and be well rested when you land. Chose one. Watch it. Go to sleep. 

Keep ‘Em In The Dark 

Wear an eye mask if light bothers you. They may look a little silly, but this helps many people sleep on planes. People will be opening and closing their windows, letting light in and out of the airplane. That’s not very conducive to sleeping. So try an eye mask. Sometimes they come complimentary with your flight. Or ask a flight attendant if he or she may have some stored somewhere.  


Wear earplugs, or if you’re more serious about getting some shut-eye during your flight, invest in some noise canceling headphones. Any ambient noise, like the sound of a roaring plane engine, gets cancelled out through noise-canceling waves. They can be expensive, but they’re definitely worth it. 

If you follow some of these tips, you will definitely sleep much better. Safe travels and sweet dreams!