It happens to us all, we need sleep, we go to bed, our minds begin to think about work, family and money, but all you want is to go to sleep!

The problem is the more you worry about not getting to sleep the worse things become.

My quick guide is not a groundbreaking new science but something very simple that works for me and a lot of people I know.

Sometimes the simple things help us sleep better.

Things You Will Need

First of all, your space around you is crucial, if your sleep or insomnia problem has has been bothering you for years ask yourself if it is your environment?

Noisy neighbors or relatives

The list can go on but you need to reassess your surroundings.

The obvious stuff: no food or drink an hour (preferably two) hours before bed especially caffeine, alcohol and sweet stuffs.

Step 1

Lay Down

Lay down with hands by your sides or resting on your body.

Step 2

Begin to Breathe

This sounds bizarre but BREATHE and know you are breathing. In through the nose and out of the mouth.

Step 3

Count and Feel

Now you are breathing and laid flat.

As you breathe in and just before you exhale. Count.

Keep counting the "in-between" breaths, just before you exhale.

Step 4

Let the tension pass

As you are counting begin from your toes to feel every muscle and sinew begin to fall away and relax.

This sensation will reach right up to your head and envelope your body.

If you reach twenty breaths start recounting or continue counting your number if that suits you best.

Another method is to count down from 500.
Get a Good Night's Sleep

This is a proven method and should help you sleep better, however it can take patience and a little practice.

Keep trying, if it works the 10th time it has still worked. After all what else have you got to do apart from stare at the ceiling and worry about your sleepless night!

Tips & Warnings