Remember that song, "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin? Although it could become borderline obnoxious, the tempo and simplicity of it was very upbeat. The possibilities of it putting a smile on your face are great, maybe a laugh or two will come out of a bad mood that has settled in. Any music, favorite song or chant helps to lift one's spirits.

Give yBlue Bird of Happinessourself some credit for the awareness of being in a bad mood. The how to snap out of it comes with the awareness. Then taking action begins the lift to a good mood. Listening to music is the most common step out of gloom. The word "listen" has the same letters as "silent." Becoming silent is taking action if listening is involved.

Sometimes visualization and meditation really help to loosen up. I use self- esteem boosters as visualization, and centering prayer for my meditation. I visualize bathing in self-esteem, or floating on clouds of self-esteem. Oftentimes a bad mood gets created psychically due to some incident that has been magnified in my mind resulting in lack of self-esteem. Then I have to clearly realize the molehill that got made into a mountain, and lose my magnifier.

Sometimes just a sweet little nap erases the bad. Even increasing the amount of sleep you normally get can do the trick. Soaking in a nice bath or a hot tub even helps to lighten the mood, and increase sleep. Candlelight and the scent of lavender can be added in your bedroom or bath or any room to enjoy. Practice some deep breaths while the water runs.

Hanging out with people who see the humorous side of life is essential. Any people that suck your joyous life energy need to be prayed for, not to hang out with. Practice kindness with them instead, and know that you don't need to let them in. It's like friendcleaning (my made-up word), housecleaning in your head at first, then action wise. Incorporating humor and a change of perception takes some work, but it also takes one away from one's bad mood. One has to accept the positive affect this friendcleaning can have.

  • Post funnies on the fridge, and intentionally look at them and laugh out loud. This breaks up any wallowing in miserableness.
  • Watch a favorite film or TV show or go see a play or a movie that you've been wanting to see. Get out, up or about from an obsessive mindset.
  • Get a massage.
  • Talk the bad mood out with a trusted friend. If that's not do-able then journal, or blog a rant.
  • Play with a cat, dog, horse, or any four-legged critter. The contact is bound to make you smile.
  • Wear red and yellow for an adrenaline rush.
  • Dance, shake, walk, run, hike, ride, ski, move it.
Dog Kiss FaceThen, when you have given yourself some reward for every chore completed, and you are in a good mood, make yourself a fun folder. Fill it with the actions you took to snap out of a bad mood. Then remember to check it out every so often to avoid the bad. Love your imperfections. Oh, and eat some dark chocolate, too.