Ok, before we get into things, this should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not advising you to break rules of music festivals etc, or the law, I'm merely hypothesizing ways in which to get alcohol into an event where they charge $10 for a dixie cup of flat beer.

Things You Will Need

There are a few different products on the market that are perfect for this type of thing (sneaking beer/liquids into stadiums, concerts & festivals, etc.) and are always available on the internet. I'm going to focus on the simpler way of sneaking booze into an outdoor festival like Coachella.

You will need an empty bottle of sunscreen (washed out).

Step 1

sunscreen bottle Fill the sunscreen bottle with a hard liquor, or even a mixed beverage of your choice. I suggest just using it for liquor, maybe bring some mix or chase with you as well. You might even consider purchasing something to mix your liquor with from the concessions. Although the ultimate goal is to avoid overpaying for alcohol, you might still want something to take the gross taste out of your mouth.

Step 2

A lot of these events might even be no-alcohol allowed (due to people getting violent, riots, etc.) so take caution and avoid getting caught.
Remember, sunscreen usually works if it is sunny, or if you carry a purse (or have a girl with you) it might just seem as a regular accessory one might carry around.

Thanks for reading on how to sneak booze into an event.

Tips & Warnings

Do not get caught!