Sometimes it's hard to set aside time to exercise. However, this doesn't mean you can't exercise or lose weight at all. You just have to be a bit sneaky about it.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Exercise during commercials. As a kid, I took karate class. Our instructor advised us to exercise during tv commercials in order to build up our strength. Think about it: You tune out the commercials anyway. Why not do a few push-ups?

Step 2

Take the stairs, not the elevator. As a community college student, I've worked my leg muscles getting lost on my campus. This can also be applicable to those of you who work in buildings.

Step 3

Stop circling the parking lot. Park far enough away from the entrance (like at the grocery store) and burn a few calories weaving through the cars instead of waiting for an available space to open up. (This saves you a bit of gas, too!)

Step 4

Housekeeping. Yes, you heard right: Housekeeping can burn calories. When you make an effort to really clean. And, if nothing else, your place will be clean!

This applies to other things you do around the house, like gardening and yard work.

Step 5

Walk when your destination is within walking distance. This sounds like no-brainer, but be honest: How many of you drive to your mailbox?

Step 6

Shake while you bake. I love to cook. I also love to dance (as long as no one's watching). This method is the height of multiasking: Rocking out while cooking healthy meals? Heck yeah! Just turn on a radio or put in a CD and go nuts.

In short, if there's a will, there's a way to burn a few extra calories. Weight loss is achievable and every little bit counts.

Tips & Warnings