I used to teach snowboarding part time at Crystal Mountain in WA from 2002 - 2007 and during this time I probably taught well over 5,000 people how to snowboard. I've been snowboarding for fifteen years and there wasn't a single person that I couldn't teach how to snowboard - so don't worry I'm here to help!

Things You Will Need

First you'll need a snowboard which you can purchase from a local sports shop or via the wide selection from You'll also need, bindings, boots and appropriate outer wear (i.e. snow pants, gloves and jacket)

Almost all of these items can be rented from the local resort you end up traveling to except for the clothing items. So be sure you make it to the mountain with at least snow pants, gloves and a jacket.

Step 1

The first thing I tell my students is to strap their lead foot (this will be your left or right foot) into one binding. If you're not sure which foot to try I suggest you have someone push you from behind the foot you put forward first is the foot you should use.

What you want to do is before you ever get on a chairlift is to get a feel for the snow beneath your feet.

You do this by taking the foot that isn't strapped into a binding and push yourself on the flat surface of the snow (don't push your foot past the other binding on your board or you may fall down). This practice is called Skating and the idea is to get you use to moving on the snow while keeping your weight evenly distributed on the board.

Step 2

The next thing I try to do is take the group over to the chairlift, so you'll start by skating on your snowboard over to the chairlift. Make sure you are facing up the mountain with your board straight ahead. When the chair comes around simply sit down. Now on the chair you may be scared about getting off the lift, but I assure you this isn't as difficult as it seems. As you approach the end of the lift simply keep your board pointing forward and bring your other unstrapped foot onto the stomp pad on your board and go straight ahead until your board comes to a stop (don't bother turning).

Step 3

Now that you're off the lift it's time to move over to the part of the hill that's going to start to slop downward (stay out of the middle of the path) . Once you're there it's time to strap into your bindings with both feet.

As you stand up if you put more weight on your lead foot your board will start to slide down the hill in that direction. Keep your stance even over your board though after you've started moving down the hill.

Step 4

The easiest way to start turning is to imagine your lead arm is carrying a heavy bucket of water in front of your snowboard. Simply move this heavy bucket to the right to start turning right and to the left to start turning left. What this does is help you unknowingly shift your weight accordingly on your board to start turning. (Note your lead arm would be your left arm if you're riding with your left foot in front, right arm if it's the right foot in front).

Congrats, you now know how to skate with one foot in your bindings, get on and off chair lifts and turn. Be safe and obey all written signs.

Tips & Warnings

Don't get out of control with speed. If you feel you're losing control at any time, sit down immediately. This will help you prevent injury to you and others.