So, you have been walked off your feet all day. If it wasn't running around at work, it was playing with the kids, then off to here and there, and now those really cool shoes that you thought would be so comfy are killing you. What you need now is a soothing foot bath.

Many people think of soaking their feet at the spa, when they enjoy a pedicure, but don't think about giving themselves the same pampered treatment at home for pennies. If you own a bath, that is lingering in the closet collecting dust, or if you got one for a gift, then get it out. Otherwise you can just use a plastic tub, as long as your toes and heels will fit, this will work fine. You can get spa style ones at Amazon, many have additional massaging features to really make the feet feel great with the pictured one below. Helen Of Troy Hotspa Professional Ultimate Foot Bath

Allow yourself the time to enjoy a soak. Once the feet feel better, the rest of you will feel foot bathbetter. Pick up the ingredients for this homemade soak at the health food store, or specialty grocery stores that carry lines of essential oils, so you can have them on hand. These are very concentrated, so you don't need to use very much. This homemade foot bath recipe for soaking feet, is a suggested combination, you can fool around with the different ones. Some people only want the lavender, others prefer a citrus oil. Your choice.

Ingredients for an amazing foot bath, turn your house into a spa!


1 tablespoon of sea salt

2 drops of lavender oil

1 drop of rosemary oil 

1 drop geranium oil 

1 drop bay oil 

If you want this to feel like a real spa and really pamper yourself, you can now add rose petals, but that part is up to you! Find a quiet spot to set this up.

Now fill your bath with very warm water (follow directions for electric ones) and mix in the sea salt first to get it dissolved, then add the essential oils and mix well. Don't be tempted to put in too many drops, as this is very concentrated and goes far.

While you are filling the tub and getting it ready, you should also put the kettle on for some chamomile tea or your favorite calming tea, or maybe a stiff drink depending on how you feel!. Set a towel on the floor under the tub, and then strip off those socks, get comfy with your drink and put those feet in the water.

You will get a instant "ahhhhh" feel. The aroma off the warm water of those oils will calm you, and you will start to instantly relax. Nothing like having a warm soak, to rejuvenate not only your feet, but your body and soul.

The feet help the rest of your body feel good or bad. If you have sore feet, then you don't tend to walk tall, you slouch and you tire very easy. By soaking them, you will feel better quickly.

Keep soaking them until the water has cooled off, or at least 10 to 15 minutes. Then pat them dry, no need to rinse them. You skin will feel great.

Now you are ready for another day of running around. But maybe you should look at some more comfortable shoes!

Keep the foot bath ingredients in one spot. Make a "spa" kit for yourself, and this way you are not running around the house trying to find all your ingredients.

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