Socializing a Homeschooled Child.

When it comes to homeschooling, there is one prevalent worry in the mind of the parents: Will homeschooling have an adverse outcome on my child's social skills? This fear is a valid one, but it need not overshadow the homeschooling experience. The answer does not need to be yes - many homeschooled children are as socially adept as their public or private schooled counterparts. It might take some effort on the parent's behalf, but socialization can be achieved.

Things You Will Need

What Do I Need To Develop My Childs Social Skils?

The only tools that are truly required are: internet access, a homeschooling network, and/or plenty of imagination. Chilren truly are social creatures and love to interact with one another, especially in the younger years. In order to keep this going through the older and so-called "awkward" years, parents need to find a way to nourish this aspect of life.

Homeschooling Associations or Government Programs. Each state has a body that governs the progress of homeschooled children; many also have programs set in place to enrich the impact of homeschooling. Enrichment classes for homeschooling provide a two-fold benefit: they offer classes that a parent may need help with (science lab, physical education, or art room, for example) but they also benefit the child through the interaction of other children who are also homeschooled. An internet search will also, most likely, show results of other (parent run) associations aimed at coordinating studies with socializing. Many sports complexes, for example, have advocates of homeschooling setting up lessons that involve purely the physical side of education.

Networking. Parent networking can play an extremely positive role in home educating. There are websites set in place (such as that have groups set in place for homeschooling in almost every city or state. Some areas may be too isolated to have a group of their own, but there are general groups that are amply able to provide advice and suggestions on socializing children. When there is a group within your area, it is an excellent resource for meeting other parents who are experiencing the same issues, as well as another opportunity for children to meet others in their situation. Quite often, these meetups are geared only to interact those with a common background, rather than with an educational goal in mind.

Imagination. There are so many youth groups and affiliations in the world, they cannot all be listed in one website. Fencing clubs, 4H clubs, Boy Scouts/Girl Guides, Society for Creative Anachronism, and so many more exist that it is easy to find a group or club that specifically meets your childs interests.

The Box Can Be Climbed Into...or Out Of!

Children that are homeschooled need not be deprived of the enjoyment of a social life. Whether they prefer something streamlined, specific, or off-the-wall, there are groups and organizations that are all aimed toward children. It's all in what you look for - and what your child will enjoy the most!

Tips & Warnings