Tired of sitting in front of your computer waiting for what seems like months for it to load one page in your web browser? Sick of the agonization of lingering around for a simple program to start? If this sounds like you, then you most likely are not going to sound surprised when I say you're suffering from a slow computer. What may surprise you, however, is how easy it is to fix that problem quick.

Causes of Slow Computers

Let's face it - Computers can easily become filled with a variety of different bugs and other problems, and when it comes to a slow PC, this is no exception. Some of the common things that can slow a computer down are:

- Viruses, Spyware, Malware and other infectious programs

- Low memory or insufficient amount of RAM (Randon Access Memory)

- Too many programs and applications installed on the computer or running at the same time

While these are some of the most common things that come to mind when encountering a slow computer, one thing is almost never thought of, yet it's one of the leading causes for a slow computer. What am I talking about? Registry errors!

What are Registry Errors?

Every PC has a registry. It serves as the central station and helps run everything on the computer. As you start to use your computer heavily and add/remove software, registry files can get damaged or unused (when files aren't properly deleted from software that is removed). All of these files can clog your registry, which ultimately slows down your PC.

How to Fix Registry Errors

The easiest resolution to a slow computer as the result of registry errors is to download registry cleaner software. The software will automatically scan and detect any bad files and remove them promptly, all within a few minutes. It not only saves an incredible amount of time, but most registry cleaners are very user friendly. Anyone with a few minutes and a few mouse clicks can use this software to speed up their computers almost instantly!

When you need to fix a slow computer, consider getting a good registry cleaner. You'll be happy you did, and your computer will be, too!