Six Flags Magic Mountain is on of the most famous amusement parks in the country and one that is visited by millions of people every year and this article is a guide to getting the most out of your day there and should allow you to hit every major rollercoaster at least once during your day.

First off, it is smart to purchase your tickets online before you go to the park so it will not slow you down at the ticket gate and you can get in line to get in the park quicker. Also I do not recommend bringing any sort of bag to the park because you usually have to pay money to store your bags before going on a ride which can add up. The only reason you should bring a bag is if you absolutely need to or someone will be the bag holder if they are too scared to go on a rollercoaster. Also no food and drink (besides water) is allowed in the park, although you can get around this by saying you have diabetes.

When you do finally get to the park you should do so around 9:45 to 10 A.M. as the park opens at 10:30. Once you do get in the park the first ride you want to hit is X2 (run there!!!) because after the morning it will be jam packed all day and it could also break down over the course of the day as well and this coaster is one that you do not want to miss. After that head up the path a little ways skipping The Revolution and Viper and heading straight for Tatsu which is considered the other big coaster in the park. Now if you got to X2 fast enough then people would still be heading for it which means Tatsu should not have that long of a line. After hitting Tatsu is where you can go in many different directions. If Déjà vu is open I recommend hitting that next, but if its not then you could head over to Goliath and try to get on that before the lines get too big. Also Riddler's Revenge also tends to get busy later in the day, but if you go towards it early the lines tend to be shorter.

At this point in the day you and your party have probably hit three to five coasters and it should be around lunch time. You could eat in the park though I would not suggest it since it can be really expensive as a hamburger and fries cost you around ten dollars and that is one of the cheapest full meals in the whole park. What I would suggest is leaving the park and heading down to the local mall in Valencia and heading to the air conditioned food court and relaxing in there before heading back to the park to knock out the rest of your day there. There are a couple downsides to leaving the park which are that you need to find a new parking space and you can only come back in the park once in the car you first came with.

Now begins the Afternoon session of your time in the park. If it's the summer time most likely all the water rides are going to have long lines at this point so I would suggest you skip them unless you really need to get wet. At this point all the lines for the rides are going to stay at what they are for the rest of the day. Now is the time to hit a bunch of those less popular coasters that should have short lines:

  • Viper
  • The Revolution – Never seen a line on this ride
  • Goldrusher (For kicks or the kids)
  • Scream!
  • Colossus
  • Ninja
  • Possibly Apocalypse[Formally Terminator: Salvation] and Batman The Ride (These can be Wild Cards)

Whatever order you hit these rides in does not matter and you could also sprinkle the rest of your afternoon with the smaller rides to take a break from the coasters and even the water rides. Once you are done with the afternoon session it should be dinner time and unless you brought food into the park you need to get food in the park unless you want to leave for the day. If you stayed for dinner your party could possibly hit all the roller coasters that you either have not been on yet or want to go on again like X2 or Tatsu.


(Above) Tatsu

Well there you have it, a day at Magic Mountain while being able to hit all the major roller coasters. I chose not to include Superman as it should be more popular with its upcoming remodel as well as the new Green Lantern coaster. Once they do open though you should plan accordingly due to their popularity and maybe even take advantage of it and hit more of the popular rides like X2 more often if you are able to. In any case that should be enough information for anyone to enjoy their day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Have Fun!