How do you recognize aliens?

And what exactly are aliens? Alien is the common label, or rather name, for any life that does not have its origins on Earth. This refers to all kind of life forms starting with simple organisms like bacteria to organisms much more complicated than human beings.

Many people, and even scientists believe that aliens or extraterrestrial life is plausible. But the truth is that no direct evidence has been found to sustain the existence of aliens. However, those who believe that extraterrestrial life exists have come up with some ideas and facts which they suggest to look for if you want to spot an alien who is trying to walk around here on Earth. 

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It is said that aliens have bodies that are elongated, with a small chest and the muscular definition lacks and the skeleton structure is very visible. This is the first thing one should look to if you search for aliens. What also should be mentioned is that the legs are shorter and the joints are different from the human way. The head of an alien is unusually larger in proportion to their body. Another distinctive mark is that they don’t have hair anywhere on the body, nor any beard in the face.

Sometimes it is imagined that the aliens have very large pointed ears, but oftentimes they are visioned without outer ears that can be seen and not even a noticeable nose. What they do have are some small openings of orifices for ears and nostrils. One more thing that should be mentioned here is that they are thought to have very small mouths and very large black eyes, but without any iris or pupil.

People often believe that the natural color of the extraterrestrial life is green, this obvious look has caused the aliens to disguise themselves in order to hide their true identity when they travel around on the Earth among the humans. 

It is also a widespread, common belief that a lot of the extraterrestrials have come to the Earth and that they are hiding among people being disguised as regular working people. This does the spotting of an alien harder. Many people, the socalled UFO investigators, have over several decades proclaimed some of these marks to be useful in order to spot the undercover aliens.

But what else should be looked for? The first thing to look for is whether someone comes to work or school with odd and mismatched clothes. The aliens don’t understand the idea of style and wear combinations that are odd in taste. If you notice a strange diet or something unusual in the way that they eat then it could also be another sign that you are dealing with an alien. Eating French fries with a spoon or taking huge quantities of pills is not characteristic for a human, but it is for an alien, who mabe even eat any insects that happen to land on their dinner plate. The last most important sign is if someone takes many frequent sick days. All extraterrestrial need extra time off to recover their energy. 

There are other things that can be done in order to spot them when they try to hide among us. But you really must know what to look out for. The aliens will probably be undercover and be hiding most of the time, so keep an eye out for the unusual things any person do. Be alert! This is the best way to spot them.

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