CounterfeitiCoach Wristletng of famous brand names is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, second only to the tourism. Counterfeit fashion is a multi-billion dollar business and best estimates suggest that the global counterfeiting market accounts for up to 10 percent of entire world trade. And the bigger the brand name, the bigger the payoff for counterfeiters such as fake Coach Wristlet. In fact, the Op Art series of small Coach purses is a big target for knock-off manufacturers and artists. And many of these fake Coach purses are so convincing, they easily fool the average buyer. While some of these counterfeited purses can look like an exact replica of real Coach Wristlet, there are some things a trained eye can look for that will help you distinguish an authentic from a fake. So, here is how to make sure you are not getting gypped.

Learn to truly trust your intuition, or more generally, trust yourself.

Coach pouch wristlets run from $50 to $450 with most wristlets selling for over a $100. If you are buying a brand new purse for less than $50 you are probably you are not getting an authentic – you are getting a counterfeited. So, when it comes down to it, go with your intuition. That works for me. If you are worrying about how much you are paying, just walk away. Shopping should be a pleasant experience.

The secret lies in the details.

The real Coach logo is 2 Cs facing each other in a mirror image. So, you should make sure the letters are, indeed, Cs. If there is a CC anywhere on the wristlet that is crooked, it is not the real thing. Cs on an authentic Coach wristlet will be carefully placed on the wristlet so that it is not cut off by a snap or seam.

Besides the logo being monogrammed onto the wristlet itself, wristlet snaps and the zipper pull will are branded as well. Also, what is wonderful is that the zipper pull is heavy to the touch and the craftsmanship is superb. Of increasing concern is the fact that some counterfeiters are becoming very sophisticated. These fake Coach wristlets usually cost more than the obvious counterfeited handbags. So, make sure you pay close attention and try not to miss even the smallest details because you can be sure the counterfeiters will not. So, when it comes down to it, go with what looks best visually.

Never buy from street dealers.

Coach does not have any authorized street dealers, so resist these "good" deals they are trying to sell you. Purchase Coach Wristlet only from reputable sources, preferably directly from the Coach store. Also, to be safe, buy only from reputable web sites and pay attention to the seller's feedback rating.

Coach artisans select only the finest materials to make these very fashionable designs.

The Coach wristlet is made of canvas and the piping and handles are natural cowhide leather. If the leather feels at all plastic-like, then it is not authentic. The leather should feel soft and supple and the dye should be even and smooth.