Let's face it, the vast majority of the human race want to get rich quick, and before we die, I think the vast majority of the first majority will have been involved in a scheme or two designed to achieve that end – riches. I'm going to tell you how to spot a get rich quick scheme – and more importantly what to do about it if you've been sucked in by one. Like a lot of other self improvement type programs, the first step is acknowledgement – but it's fun, not like another 12 step program I can think of.

The number one thing in learning how to spot a get rich quick scheme is recognizing one when you see it. This is especially important if you are on the inside of one looking out. I won't go into great details about how to spot a get rich quick scheme here, but I will focus more instead on what to do about it if you find yourself caught up in one.

How to spot a get rich quick scheme – hindsight is a wonderful thing

OK the first thing you simply have to do if you're in the midst of a get rich quick scheme is breathe. You also must realize that although you probably feel like a bit of a fool, and possibly even ashamed, there is no way that kicking yourself will fix your situation. Many many people find themselves in your situation and it's OK, it really is. All you wanted was to create some capital to ease the pressures, and be able to live some sort of decent lifestyle for you and your family. You were approaching this thing with the noblest of intentions and you were probably a bit naive – but you won't do that again right? Here's why.

How to spot a get rich quick scheme – and what to do about it

I'll assume for a moment that if you're in the middle of a get rich quick scheme you have already put money up and it's gone… after all that's what these things are all about – sucking money from you. All you can do is stop the flow of money. Stay inside the circle and receive as much information and material as you can, speak to as many people as possible. Ask questions and propose solutions – see where that gets you. Keep an open mind and think of yourself as a spy, you're now an outsider with the privilege of seeing how things work from the inside.

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Burn all the catchcries and phrases into your memory and file them away for future reference. You know now how to spot a get rich quick scheme, because you've been there and done that. The key now is learning from your mistakes. Don't give up though on your wealth creation mission. It obviously means a great deal to you, and you have the drive and desire to make it happen, to think and act a little different to the rest. Come up with a goal, and realize that now you know how to spot a get rich quick scheme, you will work long and hard to avoid getting suckered in again. Don't feel bad, be proud that at least you are brave enough to think and act big, which is better than most people. Keep on trying, and recognize the signs next time. Enjoy!