Many people cringe at the sight of their ugly laminate furniture and have no hope to make it beautiful again. Little do they know that with the technology available in spray paint today, they could take that ugly fake wood and paint it. Though it takes a little time and preparation, the look of spray painted laminate furniture can be very attractive. However, you have to take the time to do it right and follow the proper steps for this dream to become a reality.

Choose a Day

When you are spray painting laminate furniture, it is important to choose a good day to paint. A day with little to no wind, dry air and temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees is ideal. If you choose a day that is too windy, you will inevitably find pieces of grass and dirt in your finish. Too humid and the paint will not be able to stick properly to the laminate and the paint will chip easily. Too cold, the paint will have a hard time drying. So if you want your paint job to look good and last, be patient and wait for the right weather to come along.

Clean and Sand

When the perfect day arrives, you will need to remove any hardware you do not want painted and clean your laminate furniture off with TSP and a rag. This will take of any dirt build up that might be on your furniture and will help the paint adhere better. Once it has been cleaned, wipe down the piece of furniture with a damp rag and let it dry.

After it has dried it is time to do a little sanding. Take some fine grit sandpaper, 180-grit is perfect, and rough up the surface of your laminate. Because laminate is a non-porous surface, paint has a hard time gripping to it. This is why most painted laminate furniture chips so easily. By sanding down the laminate, you are giving the paint more to grip to which will help the primer and paint bond properly.


Using a spray primer designed for laminate, apply a few light coats of primer. This primer will act as a glue to get the paint to stick to the laminate. Make sure you let each coat you apply dry before you apply the next or it will not bond properly and drips could form. Once the piece of furniture has been primed completely, you can pull out the spray paint.


There are many spray paints available on the market that are designed to bond to non-porous surfaces. Krylon Fusion for Plastic is one such paint that works perfectly for this project because it was made to stick to slick surfaces like laminate. Simply shake up the can and apply the paint in the same way you did the primer. Remember to keep the coats like to prevent unsightly dripping.

Once your laminate piece of furniture has been coated with paint, let it set untouched for at least 24 hours to let the paint finish bonding to the furniture. Then just move it back inside and enjoy it the way you normally would. Now that you know how good laminate furniture can look painted, why stop at just one piece? Try spray painting all of your mismatched furniture the same color to create a matching set with nothing more than spray paint.