Depending on where you live, you could be indoors 7 months of the year, so when that warmer weather arrives it feels good to fling open the doors and windows and spread to the great outdoors.

But what if your patio space is a bit lacking?  You could hire a contractor rip it all up and start again and have a few thousand dollars missing from your pocket, or you could just get creative.  There are so many different ways to make that space inviting and spruce it up without breaking the bank or disrupting the yard.

Start by sweeping it and really looking at it.  Have the patio pavers seen better days?  Do you keep going in the house for your beverages?  Do you head in when the sun goes down because of bad lighting or when it is high in the sky and too hot?

There are many ways to spruce up a patio using almost zero budget to a modest one that does not include weeks of construction, mud or mess.  We moved into our 1972 semi detached and I think the pink and white patio pavers are from that era.  I decided it was too much money to rip them up but also had to deal with grass growing in-between them, so with a little bit of work and some research I discovered many ways to make that space inviting for myself, family and friends.  The following are some ideas that might get you thinking.  Don’t forget to check online sites such as Amazon, as they have all kinds of affordable ideas for the patio space.  Enjoy the weather and spend your free time outside and enjoy your oasis!

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Cover Up Bad Patio Pavers with a Rug

If you have the typical patio that consists of pavers with just enough space in-between to grow grass and weeds, there are a number of things you can do.  You can either give them a good wash with a pressure washer and spray vinegar on the weeds and grass and simply enjoy them or if they simply are not to your taste, then cover them up.

Outdoor rugs are the quickest and most affordable way to cover them up.  They are nylon based and designed for the outdoors; you just give them a wash with the hose and sweep them every so often.  You could also vacuum them with a shop vacuum if they get really dirty.  But they instantly cover up most of the patio.  You could leave some pavers around the edges showing to create a great look and add some planters filled with flowers to brighten the space and detract from any ugly stones.  Find a rug that works with the color of the pavers, or get enough rugs to cover them completely if you really despise them.

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Patio Deck Squares - Simply Install on Top of Old Patio

These are a little bit more of an investment but are really cool.  They simply click together and can go right over your existing space.  They give the feeling of an instant deck without the construction.  This can instantly change the look of your outdoor space.  They can be used on balconies and inside as well.   Also perfect for the renter who wants a nice space outdoors without permanent installation or construction and can be taken away if you move.

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Outdoor Solar String Lighting - No Outlet Needed!

I love these, because there is no need for a plug or outlet.  You simply string them up and let the sun shine on them and they really add some ambiance to your space in the evening.  This is a great way to spruce up that patio and make it feel nice.  You can get these online in lots of different styles.  

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Patio Cooler and Table on Wheels

If you like to stretch out on a lounge chair, then putting your beverages on the ground beside your chair is not the answer, and then running back in the house for more drinks.  This is a cooler as well as a table.  If will give you that extra table away from the main one. 

Anything you add to your patio should really have a couple of uses.  This stores drinks as well as a table for extra space.

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Gazebo for Patio

If you vision a gazebo being heavy and dark, check this one out.  It gives you some shelter without looking heavy and has a very modern appeal.  It is lightweight and a great place to hang some solar lights.  This will give your patio definition and definitely spruce it up. spruce up a patioCredit: 

Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean, One-Gallon Concentrate
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Clean Your Patio Pavers with Mild Soap or Specialized Detergent OK for the Environment

This alone can make a huge difference especially if they have become mildew or dirty over the years.  Take a rough bristle style brush on a long handle and really dry scrub over the seams in between the stones to help loosen weeds and moss.  Sweep this away and then spray the area with the hose and then in a bucket mix some mild dish detergent and some warm water and using your bristle brush give it a scrub

You can also purchase cleaners especially designed for decks and patios.  Once we cleaned ours, I didn’t realize we had some nice light pink pavers, I thought they were all a dirty white.  So this alone can make a huge difference. 

If you can’t get all the weeds out in between, you can spray them with vinegar or purchase a patio knife that slides between and cuts the weeds out.  This is probably going to be a weekly chore if you don’t want to take them up and relay them, but I found once you got the main pile of them cut away; each week was easy to maintain. 

If they are clean they simply look better, but if you don’t like that idea or there are many cracked ones, then go with the outdoor area rug to simply cover it all up.  That is an instant dress up for this space.

Check Thrift Shops and Garage Sales

They will have outdoor furniture that you could paint or fit with new cushions, or planters, or just whimsical things that will add some personality.  It is amazing what you can do with just a few pieces.