Save Money by Stacking Coupons at Target

Target is a great place to shop for everyday items at a great price. The weekly Target circular advertises special prices, and unadvertised price-cuts can always be found throughout the store. But did you know that Target issues store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even greater savings? You can often even get items for free with a coupon stack! Here are some tips on how to stack coupons at Target for maximum value.

Target Coupons vs. Manufacturer Coupons

Target's coupon policy allows you to use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item purchased. To take advantage of this policy, you must be able to identify the difference between these two types of coupons. Target coupons are found on the Target website, in Target advertisements, and in Target mailers. They specifically say "Target Web Coupon" or "Target Coupon" at the top near the expiration date. Manufacturer coupons are traditional coupons issued by the product manufacturer. You will find the words "Manufacturer Coupon" printed somewhere on the coupon.

How it Works

Let's say you have a coupon stack for bath tissue. You have a manufacturer coupon for $2 off a package of bath tissue, and a Target coupon for $1 off the same bath tissue. The bath tissue is advertised on sale for $8 this week in the Target circular. Here is what the stack looks like:

$8 - Sale Price

- $2 - Manufacturer Coupon

- $1 - Target Coupon

= $5 total price after coupons

Beeps at the Register

Generally, when the cashier scans your coupons, they will go through without a problem. Occasionally, the register will beep to alert the cashier of a problem. Some cashiers will simply push the discount through, while others will question the discount. If a cashier tells you that you cannot use two coupons on one product, explain the stack. If the cashier still does not allow the discounts, ask to speak to a manager or go to Customer Service with your items to check out. If you have a problem multiple times in your area, you might want to consider carrying a printed copy of the Target coupon policy with you when you shop. The Target coupon policy can be found on the Target website at

Overages also occasionally cause the register to beep. An overage is when your coupon discounts exceed the purchase amount of the item. Typically, the register will adjust the discount amount to match the purchase amount, thus making the item free. Occasionally, the register does not do this and it will beep to signal the cashier that something is wrong. The cashier should be able to push through the coupon to fix the problem.