Stand Out to Employers at Job Fairs

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With the influx of job seekers at job fairs, it's important to know how to stand out to employers at job fairs. You take time to attend a job fair; get the most you can out of it. In order to derive the most benefit, however, you must stand out from the crowd. Don't let the crowd of job seekers intimidate you. Take the necessary measures to stand out to employers and increase your chances of landing a position.

Things needed to stand out at job fairs:

  • Professional attire
  • Resume copies


1. Go to the host's website and obtain a list of the hosting employers. Make a list of the companies you want to target, and research each company. Taylor a pitch for each employer on your target list.


2. Prepare an elevator pitch. As stated on the Better Business Bureau's website, an elevator pitch is a brief description of who you are and how you can benefit a company. Your pitch should be well-rehearsed but natural and conversational. Strive to make your pitch memorable yet sincere, as others can tell when you're not sincere. In order to stand out, you want employers to have favorable memories of their brief conversation with you.


3. Dress professionally. Regardless of where the job fair is held, dress the part. If you're seeking a corporate position, dress the way you would dress for an interview at the company's location.


4. Have plenty of resumes with you when you attend job fairs. If you're interested in applying for different positions, taylor your resume accordingly. Moreover, your resume copies should be in pristine condition and contain flawless grammar. Leave a resume with each employer on your target list.


5. Remember to smile. A job fair is not the place to worry about your unpaid bills or lack of employment. Turn on your smile and your enthusiastic personality while at the job fair. You never know who's observing you. After you approach an employer, take a short break and review your elevator pitch before approaching your next potential employer.

Overall, standing out from the crowd at job fairs is simpler than you think. Simply remember to be yourself. Dress the part. Research each employer on your target list, and carefully prepare your elevator pitch. In addition, if you place a resume copy with each employer on your target list and don't forget to smile, you'll most likely make a favorable impression to employers.



Although not common, scammers can also pose as potential employers at job fairs. Never pay upfront fees, and never provide your social security number or birth date until you research a company.

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