Start your own version of "Merry Maids." If you can clean your own house than you clean someone else's and make some money at it too. Be an entrepreneur. Side money is good. If you are successful you can make it your main business. You can even hire some maids to work under you and advertise having a crew. In my area there are men who do this as a job too, he bills himself as "man around the house." There are also couples who work together. If you are a man who know how to clean a house, there are definitely some jobs that are easier if you have some muscle, like mopping. You get to make your hours and chose your own gigs.

Things You Will Need

A head for business.


Cleaning supplies.

Transportation to your jobs

Appropriate clothing

Step 1

Start with your immediate friends and family. Cleaning houses is personal, you have your best chance starting with people who already trust you. See if someone will hire you for a once a month gig, or special situations like after a party or when they are moving. Once you get to yes, go look at the house to appraise how long it will take you. Ask them if they want you to use your cleaning supplies or theirs. If your vacuum cleaner is quite good you may want to use your own no matter what.

Step 2

Dress appropriately. You don't want to wear your best clothes to do a dirty job, but you don't want to look sloppy and unprofessional either. Invest in a clean pair of loose pants that are not jeans and a plain shirt. Don't wear anything with writing on it. Even if you think it's your favorite band, or some nice Christian saying, you never know what offends some people, so wear plain clothing. Don't wear anything torn or stained. Show up on time.

Step 3

After assessing the house be clear what you will and will not do. Some people don't like to do windows. Some will do them as a specific event for a separate price. Some people don't care to clean up after animals. Some animal owners don't want you near their animals, especially unusual animals like exotic birds and reptiles. Find out if they are going to be home or not. If they're not home they may not mind if you play music while you work.

Step 4

Clean the house from the top down. For example don't vacuum before you dust, because as you dust you knock dust to the floor and you don't want to vacuum twice. Make sure the room has "sparkle" before you move on to the next room. Use your first pay checks to reinvest in your business. Buy all cotton rags because they don't leave lint, or microfiber super absorbent ones. Keep an old toothbrush rubber banded to your windex for those hard to reach places.

Step 5

After you've cleaned some of your friends' homes ask them if you can use them as references. Print up plain business cards with your name, address, phone number and email on it. Ask your friends to hand them out and hand some out yourself. By the time you've lined up two houses a day for as many days a week as you want to work, you may want to start delegating some of the work and training a crew. Make fliers and post them anywhere you see a cork board.
Have respect for the trust people are giving you when they let you into their homes. Don't drink the liquor or watch their tv or rifle through their things. Don't repeat anything you over heard. Don't be late, if you're sick call in the same as any other job. Don't bring your kids and expect them to behave or your employer to babysit.

Tips & Warnings

Insist on cash the day you clean. A bad check is worth less than no check at all once you've paid your bank fees on it. Don't work for anyone who is stingy.