If you love Las Vegas and want to work for yourself then you should consider starting your own  blog about this splendid city. If you like to write articles and take pictures, and you do this consistently, then you can eventually quit your job and simply work on your blog, where you give the readers valuable information and show interesting photos.

Starting a popular and financially successful Vegas website will not happen overnight, however, if you work on your blog daily then after a year or two you should be seeing enough income on your bank account so that you can quit your ordinary daily job.

You can start a Vegas blog about your visits to Nevada and it can be successful, whichever way you stay and entertain yourself. The blog can contain interesting items of your daily experience, along with great photographs of your many entertaining moments, day and night. This way then you can build up the traffic to your website much faster. And the higher your traffic is, then the more you can earn, when you apply Google Adsense ads.

Your Own Domain and Hosting
Do not use a free blogging platform such as Blogger. You want to buy your own domain name and use your own cheap hosting. With many hosting companies you can use auto install to easily and quickly install WordPress for your platform.

Writing new articles daily for your blog is important, however, you need to make sure that your articles are interesting to read. You need repeat visitors in order to grow your traffic quicker.

You can write about anything related to the life in this great city of Nevada. You may choose to review some of the buffets that you eat at, some of the splendid shows you see, or even how nice the city bus driver was. You can write about anything related to Vegas, as long as you can make it interesting for the reader.

Take a small camera with you and snap pictures of a lot of stuff. From the famous hotel casinos to the food line at the buffet, the more pictures you have on your website the better. Actually taking photos all over Nevada can in itself be fun and very rewarding.

Word Of Mouth
Print up some business cards with exact information about your website domain's URL on it. Give your business card to the people after you have interviewed them. People love to see their interviews on the Internet, so you can use this method to build a potential lobe term visitor who will continually come to your website on a regular basis; they will most likely even share information about your website with their friends.

Use Google Adsense to earn money with your Vegas website. You can expect to earn between $10.00-$14.00 per thousand page views with your Las Vegas blog. 5,000 pageviews per day at $10.00 equals out to $50.00 a day simply to write about Las Vegas. This won't happen overnight but if you truly have a passion for Las Vegas then you can make this work great! With a Las Vegas website you can get readers not only from Las Vegas, but from all over the world. This is one of the few local niches with worldwide readership opportunities. If you have a true passion for Las Vegas and can write unique articles that are interesting, then you can make a lot of money.