There are various types of kitchen units. Some fit onto the wall on brackets that get drilled in the back or sides. The kind that have screws through the back or sides always come with strengthening timbers that are fitted or made of MM boards.

It is not acceptable to attempt to hold up a cabinet by drilling through a flimsy hardboard back. This would cause a safety hazard.

Installing kitchen cabinets must be done by a professional who knows what they are doing because otherwise it could result in fatality. Many people like to design kitchens and experiment with different effects.

It is complicated fitting a kitchen and takes a lot of hard work as well as perseverance. If you have a lot of know how and experience in DIY then you might want to start by fitting kitchen cabinets.

There are various skills that are required and it is useful to have a knowledge in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and tiling. You must check for electrical cables and water pipes, utilizing a pipe and power detector before you actually drill into any floors or walls.

Check that all power tools are in good working order before using them and that power tool leads are also. If you want to earn a living fitting kitchens then you have to be prepared for a slow start.

Before you get recognized you need work experience and that is difficult to get if you do not know many people. However, having said this being a kitchen fitter can be an extremely rewarding career that takes you down many paths.

Everyone needs a kitchen and occasionally they need updating. As someone that fits kitchens you will be self employed. You will have the say of how much work you accept and what hours of work you are prepared to do.

You also have a large amount of say on the amount of money that you make. You will have flexible working hours and will not be required to work any hours that you do not want.

As you work in the area of kitchens then you will build a bigger portfolio that you can showcase to future customers. Word of mouth is a positive thing in this area of work and once people are aware of the work that you do then you should be in high demand.

There will always be a need for people that can professional fit kitchens so entering this field of work is a good step. Once a client base has built up it will be much easier to find work opportunities.