For a home business entrepreneur looking to start Internet marketing, learning how to start making money can be overwhelming. Whether you are starting to market to generate a side income, or are looking for a lucrative business model, Internet marketing could start making you money today. However, as with any profitable business, starting an Internet marketing business requires time and persistence.

Things You Will Need

Computer with Internet Access

Step 1

Find a Product to Promote

When first getting started in Internet marketing, it is important to pick a product that you both believe in and are knowledgeable about. Potential customers can see through a scam and can also tell if you are promoting a product that you know nothing about. Consider that when you purchase a new vehicle, home or other product, the sales person or real estate agent representing the product is typically very passionate and knowledgeable about his or her product. This enthusiasm results in higher sales conversion rates, as well as a higher return on investment.

In order to find a product to promote, you can either create your own product or sell someone else's product as an affiliate. If you create your own product, such as an informational e-book or audio download, you should be an expert in your selected field. The benefit to creating your own product is that you can set your own prices and keep 100 percent of the profit. However, doing so requires much more time in developing the product, as well as a higher up-front investment in creating a check-out process on your website.

To get started in Internet marketing quicker, become an affiliate. Many businesses pay commissions to Internet marketers that send converting traffic to their websites. Every time a visitor to your website clicks through an affiliate link and makes a purchase from the affiliate website, you will get paid a commission. If you are just getting started, you can select affiliate products to promote through the affiliate programs at Clickbank and Amazon.

Step 2

Create a Landing Page

A landing page is the website that you will use to pitch your product. This page should be pleasing to the eye, but should not have any distractions, such as ads, articles or numerous pages. Instead, the page should be straightforward and to the point. Pitch your product using the approach that television infomercials use. Start by recognizing the problem that your product fixes, and then suggesting the solution. Include pictures, testimonials and ultimately, a call to action. If you are new to creating websites, choose an affordable web-hosting company, such as Bluehost, that has an easy to use, step-by-step interface that helps in setting up the website.

Step 3

Promote Your Product

There are two ways of promoting affiliate products on a landing page. For many Internet marketers, free methods of advertising work well to convert sales. For example, you can create a steady, free traffic flow to your landing page by writing articles for online article directories that allow you to include links in the articles back to your own website. You can also upload helpful videos to YouTube with in-video references to your landing page. Though these methods are time consuming, they require zero up-front investment.

Alternatively, you can generate traffic using paid methods of advertising. "Pay Per Click," or PPC advertising, is the most popular method of paid search used by affiliate and Internet marketers. To create a PPC campaign, you must first choose a company such as Google or Yahoo to advertise with. Select a keyword to bid on that corresponds to the topic your landing page is related to. The keyword is what searchers will search for before seeing your ad displayed. You only pay for traffic that clicks through an ad and onto your landing page.

Experiment with several forms of advertising and landing page templates to find out what works best for you. Don't be afraid to expand into other promotional products and create multiple landing pages. Internet marketers, like other business leaders, learn and improve their skills with time. With a little diligence and persistence, you could be the next successful online entrepreneur.

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