Life's too short to wonder what might have been, that's why it's really very important to start investing now. I can guarantee that even if you think you don't have the money to, you do. There's always room for a little more income, or a little less expense to fund something if you really want it. If you really want to start investing now, but don't know how then you will find a way because there are ways to do it.

How to start investing now… budget better

If you're serious about wanting to start investing now, you'll also be serious about budgeting better. If you handle your finances better, or better yet increase your income by even just a little bit each month and decrease your expenses by whatever amount you can manage – you're already ahead of the pack and building up an investment fund. Any extra money you get should go to this fund now, because it's going to be invested to fund your future lifestyle and that of your children.

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How to start investing now… practice

No matter what sort of investing you want to get into – be it trading the markets, real estate or buying and selling cars for profit – whatever it is, you will benefit from a bit of practice. If it's the markets that interest you – do some paper trading. There are demo accounts you can get (depending on what sort of trading you're after), just look around. Another great way to learn about the markets is by participating in trading games. An example of one of these is that being hosted by the Australian Stock Exchange – I think they run 2 each year. It's a good way to practice your skills, build your knowledge, and compete against other investors with a bit of paper money.

How to start investing now… a dollar spent now is 10 dollars lost in retirement

Depending on your age, the exact figure will vary – but it's true. The value of money goes up with time, not just on its own, but especially when you consider what that money could have become had it been invested. Warren Buffett is a notorious spendthrift when it comes to little expenses – and apparently always was – but maybe he knows something that we should be paying closer attention to. Whenever he considered spending money on something he'd think in this way – and maybe that's why he's where he is today.

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So to start investing now you need a will – that is determination. You need a little bit of money that's true, but that can always be found – if you're finding it hard to get some funds together then get more desperate and creative. Don't work harder, work smarter! An investment program is always best started as early as possible – so practice in the meantime, I think that counts! Your job will not feed you in thefuture when you cannot work anymore, but your investments will. The good news is that you can choose how much money you'll have in retirement and even when that will be. Be proactive and learn how to start investing today, even if you thought you didn't have the money.