Many people have shopped and bid on eBay, but have no idea what to do to sell an item. If you have a computer with a broadband connection, a digital camera, and some junk lying around the house, then YOU can sell on eBay.

Getting an eBay account going, as well as setting up a PayPal account are the first two steps to selling on eBay.

As long as you have an email address, then anyone can send you money using Paypal! eBay and Paypal are linked together quite nicely. You can even ask the buyer to send immediate payment once they win your item! It becomes like a holding tank for your money. Debit cards are one way to access your new found CASH!

Things You Will Need

Digital Camera
Email Account
Broadband Connection
Junk to Sell

Step 1

Select an item to sell. I recommend a book, DVD or CD that you really don't care about to practice with! If you sell it for a low price, no big deal. You're still learning the ropes. Acquiring positive feedback is your main goal at the beginning, since buyers will want to trust that you are selling what you say you are selling.

Step 2

Describe your item carefully and reveal any flaws the item may have. Be honest, they will appreciate it and let you know with their feedback once the sale is over.

Step 3

Take a couple photos of the item, as well as measure and weight the item. Items that have actual photos do better than those that don't.

Step 4

Start auction with a low minimum bid, or even a fixed price. You can find others who have sold similar items by searching the completed auction listings and price your item from there.

Step 5

Once you sell the item, get some FREE Priority Mail boxes from the USPS. You can even order them online and they will be delivered to you free.

Don't stop now. Practice, practice, practice. Pretty soon, you will be listing and selling like crazy! What are you waiting for?

Tips & Warnings

Learning all the ins and outs of selling on eBay may take a while, but don't give up.
It's fun and profitable!