Working as a DJ is a great way to earn a little extra money on a part-time basis. If you have a regular full-time job that occupies most of your day, you may have thought starting your own business was out of the question. Starting a DJ business might just be the perfect answer to opening the tap on an extra stream of income.

Most events that need DJ service are typically held at night and on the weekends making it a perfect opportunity to collect some extra money without interfering with your other commitments such as work or school. Getting your DJ business of the ground isn't as hard as you would think. All you need is the right equipment and a little inexpensive advertising and you can start on your way to having your own fun and profitable business.

The Equipment Will You Need

Before you can start booking gigs, you will need to get set up with at least some basic DJ equipment. You don't need to spend a fortune at first, especially if you plan to focus on wedding and parties before you try to break into the night club scene. A good way to start is to buy a digital DJ mixer along with a basic set of turntables.

In many cases, you can connect them right to your laptop through a USB port and have instant access to your entire music library. If you want to go smaller and even more portable, there are several new DJ systems that have everything you need in a single setup with ports to direct connect up to two iPods and mix tracks from both. You may need to get speakers as well but many venues already have a built-in sound system you can connect to so you might not need to buy your own speakers right away.

You could realistically get started for well under $1000, especially if you picked up a few pieces of pre-owned DJ equipment. Once you start to bring in some money, you can always upgrade and improve on what you have.

Marketing and Promoting Your Business

How do you get business? Fortunately, the internet has created all kinds of high traffic sites where you can advertise for free such as,, and Google local business listings. All you need to do is write a compelling ad and price your services competitively and you will start receiving inquiries before you know it. It might surprise you how quickly a job or two can lead to several more.

Once your clients see that you do a good job and know how to get a party moving, they will be quick to refer friends and family members. If you want to jump-start your responses, consider including a link with an audio sample of some of your best mixes. When it comes to music, there are few marketing tools more powerful than delivering an actual clip of what the clients experience will be like to get them in the mindset to hire you. Be sure to include different samples so you cover potential clients who like country music, hip hop, jazz, and pop. If you can show people something that fits with their own personal taste, you will almost always win the job over someone who posted a cookie cutter advertisement describing their services.

Contracts and Legal Issues

Finally, be sure to have your customers sign a contact so you can legally collect payment and protect yourself as well. There are several websites online that offer DJ contract templates you can download for free. Always specify how many hours you will be performing, the exact date, the start time, and the dollar amount involved. Don't forget the signatures! The contact will not hold up to a challenge unless you and your client sign it.

While starting a new DJ business may sound like a lot of work, it is actually one of the easiest and least expensive businesses to get started. You will find that many events will pay several hundred dollars for just a few hours of work in the evening and on weekends. It only takes a few jobs to pay for your DJ equipment and start turning a healthy profit.