I know plenty of people are talking about how great it is, but I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't get a freelance writing job. The key is this – do some freelance writing, that's great, and you really can make money doing it, but you don't want a J-O-B right? After all you're likely reading this because you don't want one of those things – you're looking to branch out. There are that many people out there looking to recruit people for writing jobs online, but the smart thing to do is to start your own business and write for yourself, don't sell your labour for pittance.

Why not a freelance writing job?

A freelance writing job is where you're paid a set amount by someone else to write something for them, for which they then own the rights for. This is a normal transaction, and lots of people do it, but I won't touch those jobs with a ten foot pole, no way. A freelance writing job is putting something together for a small amount of money. This is especially true of writing for online content like articles and blogs, which may pay you $4 for a 400 word article for example. Maybe this is a symptom of how my brain works – I like to maximize the profit from what I do, and writing is no different. All it is is a matter of changing your perspective, and therefore your focus - in a business that will change your life.

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Create own freelance writing job – writing for yourself

The way to make money writing for web content is to write articles for revenue sharing sites, like Infobarrel for example. How do you make money from submitting your articles to an article directory? Easy – Infobarrel (or IB to the locals) shares advertising revenue with the writer – either through Adsense, Chitika, or Amazon. The percentage can change, but at minimum it's 75% with Infobarrel at the time of writing, which can be increased through regularly run competitions. A freelance writing job is just a job, where you get paid a little and that's it. Doing it this way, you still do the same work, assembling a piece of writing on a given topic, but the revenue is much much better.

Look at it this way – with a freelance writing job you're paid once, with your own freelance writing business you're paid again and again and again. The revenue stream keeps on coming, and if you build your portfolio of articles up the stream will grow. Once the articles are live on the site, they stay and will continue to generate revenue for you – you don't have to type another word if you don't want to. It's magic – try it, you'll love it – and give those freelance writing jobs the flick. Enjoy!