HavStart your own radio statione you ever wanted to broadcast to the world? Maybe the idea of being a radio DJ has been exciting to you. Whatever your reasons, an Internet radio broadcast is a fast, easy way to get started to let the world hear you. The best part is that getting started is free!

Things You Will Need

You'll need a Windows computer with a broadband Internet connection and working microphone to follow the instructions on this guide for starting your own radio station.

Step 1

Find a server
In order to get started, you'll need to find a server that can broadcast your radio. Thankfully, there are a handful of free servers out there to get you started! Try Freecast or FreeStreamHosting. These both have a chatbox and listening link, so you don't even need to make your own website to start your own radio station.

Step 2

Download Winamp and SHOUTcast
From my experience, Winamp and SHOUTcast have been the best pairing to start your own radio station for free. First, download Nullsoft Winamp Standard and install the program. Winamp is a highly customizable music player that, when we are done, will also serve as your virtual DJ booth for your own Internet radio station.

Proceed to download the SHOUTcast DSP plug-in. This will be the software that allows you to connect with your server and begin streaming Internet radio to the world.

Step 3

Set up SHOUTcast
Boot up WinAMP and go to Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect > Select "Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP...". From here, you will be presented with the full window of options to configure your Internet radio broadcast.

You'll first need to find your server's server details. You'll need a server/host/address, port, and password. Input those bits of information into the plug-in window, then choose MP3 as the Encoding Format. Make sure your look at the server's maximum kbps rate and do not choose one that exceeds that limit.

You can also select the genre of your radio station and write a description about your soon-to-be Internet radio broadcast.

Step 4

If you are using Freecast, you have to book a slot to DJ on their server before you can begin broadcasting. Once everything is set up, you're good to go! Just hit the Connect button and begin your journeys with your own Internet radio station.

Be sure to let your friends and potential fans know that you have an Internet radio station. It's much more fun being an Internet DJ when you have a bunch of people to keep entertained.
You may be surprised with how easy it is to set up your own Internet radio station. I can attest to the fact that it can be loads of fun. So take advantage of this opportunity and let your Internet radio broadcast be heard all over the world!

Tips & Warnings

In order to play copyrighted music, you must obtain proper licenses from various music companies. This is a tedious and expensive process, and thus I recommend checking out some free music to play from Garageband.