The modern world is fraught with disaster. In an ever more dangerous environment people, both as individuals and corporations, need protection.

The job market is still wide open for an enterprising person interested in starting their own private security firm.

Things You Will Need

There are six important things you will need to know or have to fulfill for you to be able to start this business. First, you will need to have a clean criminal background. Second, you will need to have some experience in the security field. Third, you need to have money and good credit. Fourth, you will need to be bonded. Fifth, you will need to have proper insurance. Sixth, you will need to know the legalities of this business in your area of operations.

Step 1

A clean criminal background is an absolute must for this profession. Not only must your own record be impeccable, but you will have to thoroughly check the backgrounds of all prospective employees. No client will hire a security firm that has suspicious people on staff.

Step 2

Experience in the field is a must. In the united states, especially, many areas will not allow you to open a security firm unless you have several years of managerial experience. Knowledge of your would-be profession is essential to running it successfully.

Step 3

The next item of importance on the list is finances. I mentioned that you would need enough money and credit to support this venture. However, I must also point out that you need a solid business plan as well. The day to day operations of your company will depend on this.

Starting a security firm is expensive, especially if you intend to be an armed one.

Step 4

Being bonded and licensed is an absolute must for this career. Be certain of the rules and restrictions in your area and always do everything above board.

Step 5

Step five is the insurance step. This is an important factor for your new startup business because security work is dangerous. Further, you may end up having to pay for damaged goods, or stolen property in the event that your guards fail to perform their duties properly.

Solid insurance will save you a lot of heartache.

Step 6

The legal issues in your area may be extensive, when it comes to starting a private security business. Acquire the services of a highly recommended lawyer with several years of experience with this industry before you ever open your doors for business.

It is absolutely vital that you cover your rear end legally before you start your business.

In general starting a private security business is no more difficult than any start-up company. As long as you have the captial, legal capacity, and desire to succeed then go for it.

Tips & Warnings

There are special restrictions on armed security guards in most places. Be certain to ascertain all the factors for running your business before start up.