It seems that everyone from the man on the bus next to you to your 90 year old grandmother has learned how to start a blog. With this being said, there are many people that are intimidated by the prospect of creating their own space on the Internet to share their thoughts and feelings and possibly earn some cash on as well. There is no need to make this be what stops you from joining in on this fun past time and possible business.

There are many people out there that have learned how to start a blog to the point where they can have one up and running in minutes. These people have no computer programming background at all and even are more likely to just know the basics of being on the Internet. It really easy to do and this step by step process will have you blogging in no time at all.

Blogging for Beginners

Step One

When it comes to knowing how to start a blog, the true starting place is picking out a topic. Perhaps you already have an area that you have wanted to write on and are ready to go with it. This is good, but you will still want to go through this process to see if you can start blogging about it. The first thing that you need to do is to decide exactly why you want to do this. Are you looking for ways to make money online with your words or maybe you just want to share information on something that you are passionate about.

The next part of choosing your topic is to make sure people are on the Internet looking for information on it. This is also called keyword research. You can use free tools that are out there like the one from Google to see how many people are typing in specific words to find information on your topic. Find a topic with keywords that have search engine traffic that you are happy with to finalize your decision about what to start blogging about.

Step Two

Now that you have a topic area, the next step to how to start a blog is to choose a domain name. You can using any domain registrar to purchase your www address on the Internet. One of the most popular for this is Namecheap. They make it very easy to purchase your domain name and then point it at your hosting to get your site up and running.

You might have to try choosing different names for your blog because the most popular ones are often taken. If you are going to try to rank for a particular keyword, you are going to want to include it in the name that you choose.

Step Three

Now that you have an address on the Internet, you need a hosting company for your actual site. There are many to choose from and the majority of people out there go with Hostgator. Hostgator hosting is simple to use and has great customer support. Even if you are just unsure of how to do something, there customer support can help you.

Once you purchase your hosting package, you will have a spot to place the information to redirect your domain name to your hosting. You will also have to go to your name registrar and enter the information given to you by your hosting company to finish this. It can take a little while for the redirect to take affect. However, you can move on to the next step for how to start a blog so that you are ready to go when it is.

Step Four

The most commonly used blogging platform is wordpress. Installing wordpress can be very easy when you us the one click process that hosting companies like Hostgator give you. You can click on the Fantastico icon on the control panel of your hosting account. Once you are there, you will choose wordpress from the list of options that are available to you. There is a little bit of information to fill out including your blog's name and then one button to press to install wordpress. Choose to have the contol panel for your blogging information sent to you at your email address as it is the best way to make sure that you know where the information is.

Step Five

Log into your blogging control panel, this will be where you do all of your posting and tinkering with your site. The initial install preloads your blog with many presets and generic items that you will want to get rid of and change. There is a template that is installed that you can change or leave as is. You are also going to want to delete the example post,comments, and pages that are on the site.

Step Six

From this point on in your how to start a blog system, you can pick and choose what you do. You can go into the theme tab on your control panel and scroll through the many free ones that are available to you. Remember to keep in mind why you are blogging when you pick your layout. You might want more or less sidebars if youw ant to place ads or something else.

Step Seven

One of the reasons that many people use wordpress for their blogging needs is that they can install plugins to help with their site. There are many free and paid ones that you can choose to install.

Step Eight

Once you have done the previous steps, you can choose to play around with the placement of widgets on your site. These are the items that you usually see on the sidebars on people's blogs. There are many that you can place and move around. Some of the popular ones are a calendar and previous posts.

Step Nine

This is probably one of the most important steps when you learn how to start a blog, you need to start posting content. The search engines love new content and it is often advised that you post as often as you can especially when starting out. This could be once a day if you have the time to write the content for this. Many bloggers tend to write many posts in advance and then schedule them to post so that there site always has new content on it.

Now that you know how to start a blog, there is nothing stopping you from getting started. Take the few minutes today to get your space on the Internet to do what you always dreamed of.