Blogging isn't a new thing. It has had its ups and its downs through the years. However, just because a number of people have been blogging for many years now doesn't mean that you can't start blogging too. There are a great number of reasons to blog and if you have one then there is no time like today to get started.  

Why Should You Blog?

You really have to have a reason to blog. You don't want to just jump on in and start blogging with no purpose. You need to make sure that you have at least identified why you are doing. Here are some common reasons people blog, though there are a lot of reasons to blog!

  • To Express Your Thoughts – Everyone has thoughts and opinions and many people want a platform to express them. If this is you then a blog can be a great way to go.
  • To Help People – If you have the desire to help others then a blog can be a great way to go.
  • To Learn More On a Specific Topic – If you really like a specific topic and you either want to know more or you want to stay up to date then a blog about the topic can be a great choice. It will allow you to keep learning about the things that you love the most.
  • To Become a Better Writer – If you are a writer or you want to become a writer then a blog is a great way to get better at it. When they say practice makes perfect, they aren't kidding. The more you write, the better you will become at the craft. Even if you think you are a great writer, you will surprise yourself at how much you can grow.
  • To Make Some Money – Blogging isn't easy and there have been a lot of people out there who started blogs because they thought they could get rich and wouldn't have to work at their day job anymore. A few have done well, but many more have been very disappointed with the results. If this is your only motivation then it is a good idea to choose a different way to make money online.  

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Choosing a Topic

Once you have figured out why you want to blog you will want to choose a topic to blog about. It is true that you can treat your blog like a journal and write on whatever you feel like writing. However, if you want to get a lot of traffic and regular readers then you should choose a specific topic to blog about. Whatever topic you choose should be one that you can spend a lot of time writing about and is also something you would really want to learn more about and write on regularly.


Choose Where or How to Put Your Blog Out There

When it comes to blogging you have two main options. You can pay for hosting and put the blog on your own site ( or you can get a free blog account which will give you a domain that looks like Either choice can be great. The reasons that you choose to blog will really decide whether or not you want to pay for a blog. It isn't that expensive to get your own site for a blog if you want to. You will pay around $10 for the domain name and you can get a hosting plan for around $4-7 a month, though you will have to pay for a whole years worth of service up front.  


Choose the Blog Platform

Once you decide whether you are going with a free blog or a hosted blog you will want to choose the blog platform. If you are choosing a free blog then your best choice is Blogger. This is a blog host that is owned by Google and very easy to work with. If you are going with a hosted site you will want to put Wordpress on it. Wordpress is really easy to use and has a lot of features available. It also has a lot of free themes, plugins, and widgets that allow you to turn your site into just what you want it to be.  

Choose a Theme

Whether you choose a free blog or a hosted one you will want to choose a theme. This is what will give your site a basic look. You want something that is easy to navigate and that looks nice. You want the theme to look nice with your topic at hand, but also want it to be easy to read and not to overwhelming.

Find Lots to Write About

As soon as you have chosen a topic you should start figuring out lots of things to write about. Start by making a list of things that will work within your topic. Go for as many things as you already know and then go to Google Keyword Tool so that you can start figuring out what people are searching for. Enter a keyword in the Keyword Tool, select “exact”, and then click “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. This will give you information on the amount of searches the keywords get. You want to choose keywords that get 150 monthly searches or more.  

Start Your Posting

Once you have an idea of where you want to go then you will want to start posting. Often this can be a hard thing to do, especially after you have done several posts. However, if you keep a list of possible writing ideas then you will be able to keep writing even when you don't think that you have anything to write about.  

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In order to be successful at blogging you will need to make sure that you have a lot of content. You should work on building this up and on posting regularly. Then you can take your topic and be successful in your niche. It can be very rewarding in so many ways.