Gardening is an enjoyable hobby for many people. Some choose to pursue it since it allows them to spend time outdoors during the spring and summer months. Others find personal satisfaction in watching what they've planted grow. While most people simply do it for fun, turning this hobby into a profit can be a reality if you know how to start a home gardening business.

Write a business plan. Determine the specifics of your home gardening business by detailing what type of products you plan to grow as well as how you plan to sell them and make a profit. Decide what niche of the market you'll serve based on your location as well as the competition. Create a list of tasks and goals you need to accomplish to open your business as well as a timeline for when you want them done. Make sure that you account for how you plan to finance your home gardening business as well as promote it to make it a success.

Register your business. Make sure that it is legal for you to operate a business out of your home by contacting the zoning board for your city or county. If approved, get a business license from your local government to do business from your physical location. Register your home-based gardening business at the federal level with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by completing the form online to get an employer identification number (EIN). Complete the paperwork from the department of revenue in your state to collect and pay sales tax on the products and plants you sell if applicable in your state.

Obtain financing. Apply for business loans from a bank or credit union to finance the start-up of your home-based gardening business. Check out what lending options are available through the U.S. Small Business Administration, since they have some guaranteed and low-interest loans specifically designed for new entrepreneurs. Learn if any grants exist to help pay a portion of the start-up cost of your gardening business if some of the produce you grow goes to a food bank or you open a portion of your garden for community gardening. Consider starting your business on a shoestring budget if you don't want to take out a loan, and expand it only as your business makes a profit and money is available.

Get equipment and supplies. Purchase a hoe, spade, hose, shovel and other gardening tools you need to run a home-based gardening business. Choose whether you will grow your products from seeds or plugs, which are seeds that have already been planted and are growing. Buy disposable supplies such as fertilizer and pesticide if you choose to use it.

Grow your products. Learn the growing seasons for products in your area and plant according to them. Install a fence around your garden to keep out animals and rodents, such as rabbits and squirrels that can damage your garden and the products you grow.

Promote and sell your products. Attend farmer markets in your community to sell your products to individuals in the community seeking local produce and plants. Create a website that advertises your business or use mass media channels such as radio, newspaper and television to run advertisements to the general public. Network with restaurant owners and chefs in your city, and encourage them to purchase your produce for use in their meals rather than pay for produce coming from far away.