Write dating profiles and get people togetherGo to any dating website and it'll soon become apparent that there are many individuals who need assistance writing an informative and enticing profile. Often, an individual's profile is absent altogether. If it does exist, it might not be accurate. According to a study published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, "participants reported using the profile to ideate a version of self they desired to experience in the future." It is clear that many people need help compiling a realistic dating profile.

Things You Will Need

Domain name

Web hosting

Step 1

Choose a domain name. Think about terms that people will be searching for if they need help writing a profile. They might type in "dating profile" or "write profile." You can find out the terms people are searching for by typing your ideas into a keyword tool. This will tell you how many people are searching for those and related terms. Use the information you find to select your domain name. Having a domain name composed of words that are popular search terms will help people find you when they type their search into a search engine.

Step 2

Build your website. It is easiest if you sign up with a web hosting service that enables you to purchase your domain name and download the software (such as WordPress or Joombla) that you want for your site. Many web hosts offer free installation of such software.

Include examples of profiles you have written for people of varying ages and backgrounds. Write profiles for people you know for free, and ask them if they'll write a testimonial for your website. Include these testimonials, as well as a money-back guarantee if the profile does not get a specific result, such as a date within two weeks.

Step 3

Include a blog on your website. Write about dating issues on the blog. This will provide your site with updated content that people will find in the search engines. You also will be able to use your blog when marketing your service.

Step 4

Price your profiles. Establish a price for each dating service, as the profiles can vary significantly in length and complexity. Look at the prices the competition is charging, and use them as a guideline. Post the prices on your website so people will be encouraged to make an instant decision about purchasing your service.

Step 5

Market your service. Write articles about dating and link to your website. This will help people find your business, as well as increase its rankings in the search engines. Update the blog on your site and post the updates to your social networking accounts. Try to gain a following as an expert in the dating field. Write intriguing articles that people will forward to one another, increasing the exposure of your service.

Step 6

Purchase pay-per-click advertising. This allows you to choose keywords that relate to your business. Your advertisements will show up on pages that discuss those keywords and on pages where people have specifically searched for those keywords. Experiment to see which keywords work for a good return on your investment.

Step 7

Sign up and participate in dating-related forums. Create a signature containing a link to your dating profile site that will appear whenever you post. Participate in the forums in an authentic way, giving valuable advice. People may like what you have to say and click on the link to your website.

Step 8

Advertise offline. Place ads in magazines read by single people. Keep good records, and soon you'll be able to identify which marketing strategies are the most effective. You then can invest solely in those while concentrating on creating a quality product for your customer. It will take time for your online dating profile writing service to take off. Be patient and don't get discouraged if you don't get clients immediately.

Tips & Warnings