Would you like to set up your own business? Are you passionate about fashion? Lots of people dream about working in the fashion industry and for many there is a lot of appeal in being a personal stylist. Have you often thought of being a personal stylist? If so the next question you ask is how do I achieve this goal. It is often a difficult decision to make and there are a number of routes to explore from starting in retail to studying fashion at university. Here is some handy advice about the options open to you if you wish to pursue a career in personal styling.


To start with it is not enough to just like shopping for yourself, although being happy in the retail environment is a good start. You can of course look to work in retail, either full time or part time. Working in a retail environment would give you a good working knowledge of shop layouts, how and when goods come into the store and an understanding of popular lines. This will also bring you into contact with customer who will frequently ask for advice. Some stores do offer a personal shopping service so there is an opportunity to progress from general shop duties to a more specific role. Look out for Saturday jobs to find out if you would like to work in retail.

Work Experience

As well as working in retail or instead of, you can look to get work experience with a personal or fashion stylist. This will give you an understanding of how running your own business works within the fashion industry and then you will get on the job training. There is a lot of interest in this area and therefore competition for work experience, commonly referred to as internships, is high. Internships are generally unpaid although some do pay travel expenses. Make sure you research the stylist before approaching to ask for work experience or an internship with them. Give examples of the experience you have already and the time you are available.


Then there is the study route. There are a number of courses available to study personal styling or fashion. The degree courses are typically 3 years in length if you are an A Level entry student.  There are no specific courses in personal styling. Degree level fashion courses range from design, to fashion marketing, fashion promotion and photography. You will need to build a portfolio and gain work experience during your studies and then try to secure an internship or paid work at the end of your course.

Shorter courses are also available at colleges or academies. Courses outside of academic study are specifically constructed to give you basic knowledge and confidence in the area of personal styling. The courses should have a practical based approach and ideally offer work experience and an internship at the end of the course.


Don’t forget to look at fashion blogs and read fashion books to give you a wider view of what is happening and what approached people take to style and styling. Good luck!