Wow!!! That is a great question...and sometimes I wish someone would answer that same question for me? I have definitely had my struggles and my successes. I have learned a lot, and realize that I have to learn much more!

How to start a  church
how to start a church


But have you ever thought about what it would take to start a church? Or to be part of starting a church? Well let me just tell is not for the faint of heart! I am saying that as though I am trying to scare you away, but in all reality that is the last thing I am trying to do. In fact, not only do I want you to consider it, I want you to embrace the idea of starting a church or helping with a new one. Why start a church? There are so many blessings to starting a church, whether you are a pastor or just a person attending a church!

Blessings of Starting a Church

1. You will have a better understanding for the Polity and Autonomy of the church

What does the Scriptures say about what the Pastors (Elders) and Deacons should do? (Acts 6, I Timothy 3) This may surprise you! How should the church be run. This is God's divine organization, that's why it is so important to know what the church does and how to run it.

2. You will be able to build a better interpersonal relationship with those who are starting with you

I see many of the churches today are very superficial. They really do not desire to get to know people. They have their few friends they know, but they do not spread themselves. However, church planting gives you no choice but to get to know the people who are there.

3. You will be more mindful of the Great Commission

Well, I think this goes with out too much thought. Obviously the church will not grow without reaching into the community. Let me emphasize community. Being a part of it is crucial. This will help us branch out of the 4 walls of the church and get involved with those people at Starbucks and the local stores.

4. You will be more mindful of praying and encouraging the pastor and those in the church

Starting a church is sometimes very discouraging. Do not forget it is also very rewarding. However, a church planting pastor has many moments where he says in his mind that he feels like he should just quit as a church planter.

It is also challenging for the people who help him start. It can be discouraging for them when they do not see the church grow very quickly either. Praying for both groups of people will be more of a habit with a new church start. Stick together, it is important.

5. You have a better understanding of the denomination you belong to

I feel like this fits unto to the category of knowing why you believe what you believe. Let me ask you a question..."If you were to start a church right now, what would you name it?" Baptist, Bible, Community, Non-denominational, or another name. What's in a name? Well there is a whole lot. I am a Historical Baptist. I do not want to be labeled as a modern Baptist or a traditional Baptist. Unfortunately, there is a really bad stigma about the name Baptist. Although I hold the Historical Baptist, this is something I would re-evaluate in regards to naming the church.

People will say your not Baptist because you do not have the name on your sign. But it doesn't mean your not Baptist in your distinctives. Do not let this discourage you. You know where you stand.

6. You will have a better understanding of knowing why you believe what you believe

Well this may seem repetitive from the last point, but it is not just about distinctive and denominations. It is about foundational teachings. It is about philosophy of ministry. It is about shepherding souls. It is about people. You will learn more from people in your congregation, because more questions will be asked because of how small the church will be at the beginning.

7. You will have a better understanding of Missions

Is the missions philosophy that you had before about both local and foreign missions...well biblical? Is it practical? Is it smart? I still do not understand why church's spend thousands and thousands of dollars towards foreign missions, but forget or neglect local missions. This will help you have a better understanding of local missions. I do not understand how we can expect foreign missions to plant churches, but do not expect our local churches to start more churches?

I know that there are many more to this list. In a later post at some point we will mention the others.

So how do you start a church....well before we really ask that question, I would say are you willing to have the 7 above blessings in your life?


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