In Australia, a company is either proprietary or public. A public company is listed in the Australian Stock Exchange while a proprietary company is limited by shares. However, to start a proprietary company in Australia from overseas, at least one of the directors or the company secretary must live in Australia. On the other hand, at least two company directors must reside in Australia if you want to start a public company from overseas.

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection
Business Name
Registration Fees

Step 1

Give company details. Incorporator is the most common online platform for individuals looking to start a company online in Australia. Provide the names and addresses of proposed directors and company secretaries as well as the address of the proposed principal office of the company. You will point and click details such as company structure, the state where you will be operating in plus the corporate type.

Step 2

Register your company online. Pay the online card payment. As of August 8, 2010 the card payment was estimated at about $610 while the company registration fee was about $412 payable to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) via Incorporator. In most cases, you will use your credit card to make this payment.

Step 3

Complete legal forms. Depending on the information you gave out with regards to your start up company, you will receive all necessary legal documents in electronic form. These legal forms include share certificates, registers of members, charges and debentures, consents of directors, secretary and members as well as agreements to take up shares. You will then download and print out these forms.

Step 4

Get your Australian Company Number online (ACN) and ASIC certificate. Incorporator will issue your ACN . ASIC sends the ACN to Incorporator automatically and Incorporator makes it available to you online. Incorporator also avails your ASIC certificate of registration online so that you can download it. You can also opt to receive the certificate via email.

Step 5

Get your Australian Business Number. Visit the Australian Business Register website to get your Australian Business Number together with the Tax File Number and Goods and Services Tax registration online. Once you give appropriate answers, you will get your Australian Business Number within a short time. No fee is charged at this stage. Your Australian Business Number (ABN) will comprise of two numbers added to the beginning of your nine digit Australian Company Number. Array

Tips & Warnings

* Gather full names of your company directors, residential address, date and place of birth to save time online. * Always display your ABN on each of your company seals, public documents as well as negotiable instruments like checks and promissory notes.