Fires, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters often leave homeowners devastated as they sift through their remains to try and recover salvageable items. How to clean-up and restore their home to its original state is a concern as they assess the damage, but many don't know how to begin the clean-up and recovery process. Fortunately there are companies and people who assist homeowners through this process, and you can too by learning how to start a restoration clean-up company.

Learn about restoration and clean up. Take classes or training on how to clean up and restore a home or commercial business after a natural disaster. Gain experience in the field by working as an employee of a restoration and clean-up company already established. Start your own company only after you're confident you know all aspects of this niche field including.

Write a business plan. Identify how you plan to start and build a restoration clean-up company by detailing the different aspects and steps in a business plan. Make sure to cover finances, marketing and staffing for the company. Visit the website of the Michigan Small Business Development Center to see sample business plans you can use in writing your own.

Secure funding. Learn about guaranteed loans available through the U.S. Small Business Administration specifically for individuals who need funding to start their own business, and find out if you and your business qualifies. Check with banks and credit unions to find local business loans by speaking with a loan officer and providing the financial institution with a copy of your business plan. Consider getting a partner to provide the start-up funds and split the profit with if you have horrible credit that prevents you from qualifying for a business loan.

Register your business. Find out if any special license is required at your state level to operate or own a restoration clean-up company, and if so follow the instructions for obtaining the license. Become a registered business with the federal government by completing the online application form to obtain an employer identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Finally, register with your local city government for a business license by visiting city hall and filling out the license application.

Find an office. Seek out a commercial office space to house your restoration clean-up company. While work is performed on-site, an office allows you to meet with customers as well as manage billing, payroll and staffing for your company. Consider leasing or purchasing a pre-existing automotive repair shop since this usually provides an office space as well as a garage, which you can use to store your company vehicles and equipment.

Purchase supplies. Obtain the equipment you need to restore and clean up property after it is damaged. Buy large vans or trucks to haul the equipment to and from the work site. Make sure to purchase safety gear to wear when completing a job. This includes goggles, gloves, masks and coveralls.

Hire staff. Start out small by working alone or hiring one or two additional employees. Add to your payroll as the demand for your services increases. Consider training people for temporary work in case a natural disaster affects the entire community and the demand for your services drastically increases.

Promote your business. Spread the word to the public about your services by using general forms of advertising such as newspaper, radio, television, a website and ads in the phonebook. Network with employees of nonprofit agencies, such as the American Red Cross, who assist people when their home or business has had a fire, flood or other natural disaster. Encourage them to provide referrals to your company since they work with people who are most in need of the services your business provides.