Literally anyone can start a high paying affiliate business and join the thousands of people who are enjoying the "internet lifestyle". It is possibly true what the gurus claim that, having your own products is the real way to mega profits with an online business.

But, frankly, how many of us can afford the costs of product research, testing, launch and subsequent full scale marketing? You certainly don't want to spend 500 agonizing hours writing an ebook based on your "passion" as advised by the gurus only to find that no one is interested in buying it.

You will vomit and kiss the online business world goodbye forever.

The best approach is to start a high paying affiliate business as you slowly learn the ropes of how business is conducted online and then eventually settle on your own products. Do not even once be fooled by those who claim that the income from affiliate marketing is lousy.

Consider this first;

  • Brian Garvin of earned a cool $26 000 per month from affiliate programs.
  • Frank Garon of earned between $8 000 to $12 000 per month from affiliate programs
  • Lawrence Pryor of earned between $7 000 and $9000 per month on affiliate programs

Clearly, there are thousands of dollars to be made through a well executed affiliate marketing plan. All you just need is to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

But, what affiliate programs do l promote?

If your goal is to really start a high paying affiliate business, you then have to think carefully about your choice of products to promote. The advice that is often given by experienced affiliate marketers that, one needs to focus his energies on very high paying products and, preferably, products that pay residual income, is very solid advice.

l would however add that, if you are looking to develop a profitable online affiliate business, then focus on affiliate programs that convert very well. In the years gone by, l personally wasted countless hours promoting affiliate products that yielded very little returns for me.

The ability of a site to convert well is a result of either the product appeal to its market or the expertise with which site copy has been crafted. So, before you invest all your energies with an affiliate program, first send them around three hundred visitors and see if they will use your traffic wisely or not.

If your visitors are wasted, move on to the next program.

If you can assemble four affiliate programs that convert very well and pay a high residual income, you are on your way to a profitable online business.

The new age affiliate marketing strategies

The biggest challenge that you will always have with your affiliate business is the mechanics of driving qualified traffic to your affiliate offers. Without traffic, there is no need of you beating your chest that you own an online business. Its just not there.

Admittedly, the online marketing landscape has become harder over the years especially due to the changes introduced by the search engines.

Google has quietly weeded out affiliate marketers from its adwords program, essentially cutting out an important traffic source. They also proceeded to hammer the article directories that were yet another important traffic source for affiliate marketers.

Some affiliate business owners have tried the ad networks only to find that the traffic they deliver does not convert. Of course, one shouldn't expect traffic from the ad networks to convert because, they were not searching for anything to begin with. 

So, how does one kickstart their affiliate marketing in this day and age and be able to turn a decent profit?

The more things get tight, the more l realise how valuable article marketing has become. In the past, l used to submit articles to ezinearticles, hoping to get traffic. Meanwhile, the owners of the directory showed adsense ads on my content and collected 68 percent from google.

Each article redirected to my sites roughly 3 percent of the people who read the article. The other 97 percent directly benefited the article directory owners. Now, talk of a poor Lazarus feeding from the rich man's table.

The only difference here is that Lazarus was supplying the meal and then collecting the leftovers! If only l had known of sites like infobarrel a bit earlier, l will literally be swimming in dollars and cents by now.

The article marketing strategy for your affiliate programs needs to focus on targeted traffic directly from newsletters in your niche as well as traffic that comes across your content on sites such as infobarrel.

Content sites allow you to benefit from the affiliate programs they work with while you are also at liberty to redirect traffic to your own affiliate programs. Talk of a complete win win situation, then you will understand that this is the real deal.

As l stated above, sending articles to targeted ezines in your niche is an important part of a well thought out affiliate marketing campaign. While the traffic quickly dries up, there is no doubt that for about a week or two, you will get a huge amount of traffic from a single article.

The other great thing about ezines and content sites like infobarrel is that you can link directly to your affiliate offers, completely eliminating the need to incur website creation and hosting expenses.

There is no doubt that starting an online business will continue to be a tough piece of work. However, if you can implement some of what l say here in addition to what you know or are able to dig up elsewhere, you will definitely be in a position to start a high paying affiliate business.