Starting a home candle business is a great small business idea. Many people love candles and use them frequently in their homes or want to purchase them to give as gifts to friends, male or female = wonderful repeat customer potential. Here's how to get started.

Things You Will Need

Lots of patience, motivation and a love of candles!

Step 1

Decide if a home based small business is for you. There will usually be an initial outlay of money, however small, to pay for materials and advertising and the revenue probably won't start coming in over night. A home based business is for you, if you have the time to put into it and don't need an immediate income. Make a business plan and decide what hours you will be willing and able to put into marketing and selling candles and how much income you want and need to earn. Research exactly what you potentially and realistically will be able to make with the hours you put into your home candle business.

Step 2

Decide whether you will make your own candles or whether you will sell candles as a direct sales consultant for a candle company. The latter option is probably the cheapest and easiest option to get started and what we will discuss further here.

Step 3

Look for a candle company that is reputable with a proven track record and has been a business in good standing for over five years, check with the Better Business Bureau. It is also required that you love their candles! You will be more convincing as a candle seller if you love what you are marketing. Research how the company makes their candles and what they are made of. Decide what's important to you in a candle; look for a high quality wax candle, made of all natural ingredients, including soy and is a soot free product that burns evenly. A great candle company should have a well developed support and training system. Be sure that you can sell the candles wherever you want to; online, offline, yard sales or craft shows etc, depending on where you are planning on selling them the most. Look for restrictions. Check whether the company is a party plan company and if it is you may be required to have two or more parties a month. Only sign up for this kind of company if you feel you are comfortable with this kind of promotion and will be able to meet the requirements. Be sure to find out exactly what level of earnings you get to keep.

Step 4

Sign up with a candle company that you have researched and feel good about. Read the small print carefully. You may be required to sell a certain amount of product each month or you will have to foot the bill. Only take on what you can manage or you will be stressed out and may be left having to foot the bill for candles you can not sell. Look for a company that has a drop shipping opportunity with the chance to make sales online to further your sales reach.

Step 5

Plan your marketing. Keep samples and business cards in the car and in your purse at all times. Be ready to hand them out to everyone and anyone. Keep brochures also with you at all times and ask if you can leave them in your Dr's and Dentists office. Plan to rent a booth at craft shows and fairs, especially around the holiday season, as candles sell very well at that time of year. Advertise through word of mouth via your family and friends, have them give out business cards and samples. Reward them with a small candle that they can burn and display in their home for more free advertising for you.

You can take the plunge to starting your own small home candle business with lots of patience, research and hard work!

Tips & Warnings