Whether you have an established cleaning company or simply wish to gain more commercial clients, having a good reputation in the community is essential to getting more work. Attempting to get commercial contracts is more difficult if your cleaning business is newly established, but proving your professionalism and setting reasonable fees will help get you in the door. There are many cleaning companies that are competing for the same clients, so you need to make your business superior in any way possible, whether by having lower fees or using eco-friendly products. These days, people like to have earth-friendly products rather than plain bleach and vinegar. If you offer these eco-friendly products, you might be able to carve out a niche for your cleaning business.

Beat the Competition

Step 1

Call up other commercial cleaning companies in the area and ask what they charge to get an idea of the going rate. If there are many competitors, then you need to price your services lower, or add some extra services that your competitors do not offer. If there are few commercial cleaning companies in the area, then you have more leeway to price your services higher.

Step 2

Visit the prospective client to see the layout of the building and give him a free quote. Use a professional looking commercial cleaning bid chart (see Resources). Commercial cleaning is usually charged by the square foot and services rendered.

Step 3

Write up a contract specifying what will be cleaned, the days of the week that it will be cleaned and the time. You can find generic commercial cleaning contracts online that you can customize (see Resources).

Step 4

Train your employees in the left-to-right, top-down approach to cleaning. This is the most efficient way to clean a room. You start at the left side of the room and work your way around, cleaning from the top down. Have the employees carry a checklist of things to clean and mark them off as they are completed.

Things You'll Need

* Business cards
* Brochures or other promo material
* List of potential clients


* Another good source of finding out what your competition is doing is to speak to someone in your local janitorial supply industry.
* Do a promotion to entice new clients, such as one free month or a money back guarantee.


* Do not set your fees too low, because it might jeopardize the livelihood of other commercial cleaning companies and may not cover all your costs.


* Contract Forms