What is Meet-Up?

Are you new to a city and looking to make new friends? Or maybe you've lived in your city for quite some time now, but you want to branch out and find new friends or you are looking to start a local book club, have a regular happy hour gang, find some dance buddies, or get together with people who share your interest in wine or food, but don't know where to start?

If so, Meet-Up may just be the place for you!  Meet-Up is an online community where you can start social groups, clubs, and communities in order to "meet-up" with others who share your interests.  It is a good way to find people online with similar interests and get together and create a new network of friends/acquaintances.

How to Start Your Own Meet-Up Group

If you check out Meet-Up and don't find a group or club that fits what you're looking for, you can start your own Meet-Up group.

To start a Meet-Up group, go to the Meet-Up "Create a Group" page and fill out the basic information about the group, which includes the hometown, name, a welcome headline, and a description of the group.

On the next page, you will select the theme of your Meet-Up group's homepage.  Meet-Up will then allow you to select the interests that will be covered by your Meet-Up group.  Meet-Up will then send an e-mail to all of their users in your area who are looking to join Meet-Up groups about the topic you selected and alert them that your group has been created so that they can join.

Your Role as Meet-Up Leader

As the Meet-Up group leader, you must pay a fee to Meet-Up to host your group/club/community.  One plan offered by Meet-Up will cover up to 3 groups.  If you are worried about spending money on your club, you can also recoup these fees by either charging members dues or by charging them a fee to attend Meet-Up events.

The plans offered by Meet-Up for their various communities are as follows:

  • Pay 1 monthly at $19 per month
  • Pay every 3 months at $15 per month
  • Pay every 6 months at $12 per month

Once you have created your group, you can schedule your first "meet-up" with your members. When scheduling the first meet-up, you should select a date, time, meeting location, and event or activity for the meet-up.

After that, as the leader you should be sure to be active with your club by communicating to your members and organizing more events.